Sunday, March 03, 2013

Why learn Coding?

A beautiful short file by codeOrg. I never thought the way, this video with small interviews illustrate what coding really is. Though I have enjoyed coding always, my initial thought was: "This computer just did what I asked it to" That feeling just made me feel like an authority and in control of something.

My outlook has widened a lot over the years but, I cant agree more to the statement that "Software is really about humanity, helping people by using computer technology..."

...and lighter note "and than one day I ran into race conditions"

Saturday, March 03, 2012

Riding Around Seattle

Where have I been...? Out Riding. Last year I bought a Ducati Monster 620D, and a classic Ducati GT1000. There is something about cafe racers and naked motorcycles, that draws me towards them.

The GT1000 is a classic rare motorbike and the chrome finish that I have was out in the market for only 2009. As a reminiscent of the ‘70s, this motorcycle appeals to those, who always wanted to live the '70s days when cafe racers flaunted spoked wheels with clip-ons and chrome.

And then ofcourse my lovely Ducati Monster. Nothing represents more of Ducati than a monster. A model, an
engine for every enthusist. This motorcycle alone rules the world of naked bikes since '93 and is still a queen of hearts. This is easiest and lightest to ride and affordable to maintain. Its a great biggners ride which has ample torque to offer.

Everytime I hop on that saddle, it feels to be a part of great ducati sportclassics history.

Four wheels always make me smile. When on 2 wheels my soul smiles.

Ride into this world, all alone.
God takes your soul, you're on your own.
The crow flies straight, a perfect line,
on the devil's bed, until you die.
Gotta' look this life in the eye.
-This Life (Curtis Stingers & Dave Kushner)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Year 2010

...has been really eventful year for me. I changed teams at work, which I was very paranoid about, but turned out to be one of the best decisions I took this year. Works great, was busy Mar-Nov with a 60hour week every month, and was so burned out that every long weekend I made some memorable trips, attended some amazing concerts and really great parties.

Another great thing this year was my Seattle to Portland 200mile bike ride. I always wanted to do it and was training last year for it.

Intersting change that happened this year is that with my work schedule I didnt get chance to update my blog, my RSS feed reading trends have tumbled to a life time low (~8000 skimmed articles a month to ~700 a month) , havent read a lot of books this year, havent spoken to family and friends as often as I would like to, been a leach at review sites by not leaving my opinons on places I visited or electronics I bought or books I read, and have got a beer belly.

Well, thats the dynamics of life... Looking forward to what 2011 has to offer.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

World is Flat - Thomas Friedman

This had been on the list of "wish to read" for a while, finally I got a chance to lay hands on it. Its a very well written book explaining the globalization of the 21st century with a thought provoking idea; "The World is Flat" if not, tending towards being flat. I am glad to pick up the updated version of the book, and the times this book speaks of are the ones, I can relate to as the events happened while I was a part of this flattener.

I must say the books perspective can be related to the economy's of the developing countries along with the main cause of flattener "the entrepreneur attitude of people in US". Theres a clear difference in the entrepreneurship of North America and Asia. NAmerican entrepreneurship is about innovation, new products, innovative business models (supply chain, cost cutting, facilitation ) while the entrepreneurs in Asia contribute to the above by providing services/ opportunities to facilitate above.

One must note that the ideas and theories discussed in the work might not relate to all economies globally, but hold true in the major continents of the society. I wouldn't go over the 10 flatteners from the author as I don't understand all in detail and I might not doing justice to what the author meant. Secondly I am not knowledgeable enough to speak about economics and its a topic I recently started reading about. But I would like to discuss briefly the factors that do make sense to me and also gave me a new perspective which I being a part of never thought about.

  • The fall of communism (note: he talks about the communist practices of Russia at the time of Fall of Berlin Wall). This is time when PCs started catching up, allowing people to communicate and express all over the world.
  • Netscape, the biggest factor for flattener as it defined web for all who had access to a phone and a computer in contrast to "early adopters and geeks".
  • Offshoring: Idea of moving the manufacturing beyond borders to benefit from lower cost, which helped other economies to grow, and kept the commodity costs low.
  • Outsourcing, this not only helped people to be productive round the clock but also opened opportunities to people round the globe. The biggest innovation that helped was laying fiber optics across seas, facilitating the communication to be more efficient.
  • Insourcing: this is a very interesting factor and I was never aware of it. The example that author presents explains it well. UPS, a delivery company that takes cares of your packages. Since this company did study and invested in the supply chain of transportation to reduce the amount of time it takes to deliver a package, it got innovative enough to open the repair centers for companies like HP. Where HPÊ & Toshiba certified engineers repair your computer reducing the turn around time for defective pieces to minimum. Companies like UPS not only provide services to bigger organizations they also provide investment to smaller business and do consulting for them in lowering the operating costs based on their fully established system.
  • Open Source, Workflow softwares, Search Engines: I club these 3 together as I think of technology as one. Though I would still keep Netscape out of this category as that was a defining factor in the world of web. OpenSource society of geeks who love to contribute like Linux, apache, wikipedia, bloggers. This started a streak of innovation in the world making productivity softwares and new available to people for free. Workflow softwares like webex, smtp (mail protocols) ftp, http enabled people to communicate and work real time in collaboration regardless of geographical location, and ofcourse Yahoo and later Google which made any information available while on the move.

Other than this author explains how the .com boom and bust helped global economies grow. In a way the bust was a blessing in disguise for global economies in India. During this hard phase a lot of skilled workers in US had to go back home, which gave them an opportunity to start their own companies. Note all fiber optics was laid till then helping these new companies to make ties abroad. Not only this now Asok from IBM was in India and IBM had a reliable cheaper contact in a distant land and could help them in being productive. This though a factor of the start of business model for outsourcing turned out to be a blessing for India to step into IT.

The book is a good start for anyone who wants to understand or start on understanding the global economy. It has been written for a layman without throwing in heavy terminology from economics and helps perceiving things with examples from bigger established organizations. Its a work drawn out of a series of interviews of people working a different levels of organizations and then arranging it into place to explain what drives global economic.

Interesting work well written.

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Tickles from Seattle - 11

AgentA: m going to Vancouver to eat
JG : I've been there too... great food specially the desi food. Do you know theres a dhaba o'er there?
AgentA: Is that so...? m going to check it out...
JG: Yeah you must... its brilliant. They serve parathas and the ambiance is like a dhaba in India.

-----------------trip to vancover, couldnt find the dhaba-----------------

AgentA: I couldnt find the place dude.... neither its listed anywhere online...
JG : huh really...?
AgentA: yeah so where is it...? u've been there right?
JG: Actually i haven't been there ever i heard pple talking about it. They must be talking about some other city 'en... i guess

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Who’s Whose Bitch…

Well, its so confusing in the motor world, and its easy to loose track of which company is owned by whom. Car companies in past 5 decades have been played around like the share trading. You have to think twice before vouching for your favorite engine, as you never know whether its still in the hands of Germans or the Italians or the yankees took over it (n now TATAs in the game too).

The dynamics of this industry is always on the move with mergers, models, takeover's etc. Needless to say that then there are other companies which take the engine and remaster it to push it over the limits like Pagani Zonda who love the German V12 from Mercedes-Benz AMG.

Maserati one of the the known names with a glorious past in racing history and a established brand from Italy, did a miracle in 2008 on a Enzo engine establishing the fastest lap time on Nurburgring in 2008 (before DidgeViper 2009 smoked it out) is a classic case. They have made some of the most beautiful and powerful cars for roads and tracks. As an independent company was butchered by French Citroen, followed by the Argentinian De Tomaso which had to partner with Chrysler and then finally after a long wait back in the hands of Italians Fiat, Ferrari, and now Alfa Romeo.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Chilly Hilly 2010

DSC00946 This organized bike ride marks the start of the season for bike rides in the Pacific Northwest and is one of the biggest organized events in US (~6000+ riders showed up for 2010). Its a 33mile ride looping the Bainbridge Island of WA, organized by Cascade Bicycle Club.

This was my first organizedDSC00960 bike ride since I started biking last summer and I must say, I enjoyed it thoroughly. The route has everything to offer from spectacular views of Seattle skyline and Mt. Ranier to quad calf busting hills.

33miles isnt that long a trail for a weekend ride but Chilly Hilly needs some preparation for sure. The total elevation gain is a little shy of 3000ft over several hills, and the weather in the month of Feb makes it more fun.

This year people say that we had the best weather, just the right temp and partly cloudy with no rains.

I saw several riders who struggled along the way because of insufficient preparation or first ride of season. This ride definitely requires some preparation else you might end up with a ice pack for the upcoming days.

Cycling Timelapse & Video (Chilly Hilly 2010) from Garrett Wesley Gibbons on Vimeo.

The ride lives up to its name. Its chilly and its for sure is hilly and at the finish line you get to eat some delicious chilly.