Tuesday, October 30, 2007

...Dream contd....

It all started for me with the statement

A teacher is better than two books.

My school Hartmann College Bareilly. I miss my school, there are a 100 things I love about it but there are other 100 things which as a grown up I will never agree to. Me and Saurabh Agrawal a school time friend already have a deal that we will open a school. I have a picture of that school in my mind but Saurabh is the one who will actually work towards it. I never said this to him but I have a feeling that he will agree to my plans and both of us together can make a better place for kids and teens to seek education.

There is a theory that kids don’t like to go school and teens don’t want to miss school but they like to miss classes. Lolzz out school will be a place where be it a kid or a teen they’d love to spend time.

Our school will have:
Co-education A kid that qualifies for the class girl/boy is welcome to the family. They study together, they play together, they make friends and they respect each other.

Teachers they need to pass a rigorous procedure of interview. They need to convince the panel that kids are supposed to be mischievous but its us who can make sure that mischief is in a disciplined manner. If a teacher is found punishing a student physically I will make sure that he/she cannot be a teacher ever again.

20 students to a class a teacher can call all of ‘em by their name.

Eight hour work days with breakfast, lunch, tea, supper & evening time for breaks.

2 Sports fields where the sports of the world would be practiced and taught and 1 indoor arrangement for badminton and Table Tennis. Instructors for all kind of sports. Instructors who love what they do, not those who cannot do anything else therefore they chose the sport.

1 library (fiction & magazines, non-fiction), discussion rooms & reading & writing areas.

Dining Area here students would dine. They will decide what needs to be cooked every month and they will see to the quality of the food served. Dining rooms responsibility is students. They would serve & clean up the meals & eat with their teachers at their class tables -- just like at home!

Miscellaneous 1 music room, to hold an orchestra, 1 swimming pool, 1 fully equipped exercise room. 1 art studios, for public display & sale, a science lab for all things scientific, a medical clinic, a completely equipped computer center, a well-endowed entertainment viewing room, a fully equipped stage, theater.

Nurses and Doctors will be appointed to teach us about our health, sexuality, hygiene, exercise, sports, biology. Classes entirely devoted to reading and writing will be conducted.

Sports Meet, Technical Fest, Cultural Fest will be conducted annually.

other than reading or writing assigned or chosen themes. Each class would have a homework time. The teacher in attendance so individual questions could be quietly asked & tutoring given.

As grades are given to students teachers will be graded too. All students will submit this anonymously. Any teacher found conducting private tuitions will have to RESIGN.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Dream... that will come true...

Okies, So here I receive another comment on my blog… a dearo fren of mine just said: “Hey dumbo... you never wrote since that day? HAHAHA”

Hey Jeena your comment just kindled a little fire in me. I don’t know till when will it last but here comes another one.

I read a blog about day dream one day and I thought I also wanted to pen it down. My dream; my day dream. I love to share it unlike others… I am not bothered if people find it amusing, I am not bothered if they say are you nuts… because I dream it everyday and I love to dream it. My dream leaves me happy and smiling.

Now what I am about to say is something that you will never believe. My Day dream is going to come true Yayyy… it won’t be a dream for me forever, this dream is what drives me. My best fren, my motivation, my amusement, my everything, this day dream is always with me.

I want to be a farmer. Knocked out knowing that I am a software professional; another nerd in the herd. Don’t be… because this is what I am when I spend time with me.

I will own fields somewhere in Uttaranchal, India. Why Uttaranachal… visit it once and you’ll have the answer. It’s the heaven of India. It has a freshness of its own u can smell it and you will fell in love with this place.

My dream even describes what I want to grow where I want to live. I dream of a home facing East (I love sun rise), with a field to its right and a field to its front. I might have a mango groove to its left and may be some other farmers field behind it. Rice and wheat will be my seasonal crops. I day dream to own cows and a horse. I will milk my cows every morning… thank them for being mother to us. I day dream of dusk riding on my horse staring at my fields and be proud... I day dream boasting and bragging about my fields about my crops... I day dream myself old coughing and smoking at the machan of my fields... I day dream of drinking water from a tube-well... I day dream of chasing cows and cattle from my fields… I day dream myself done with the day in my fields with a smell of sweat and mud in my clothes and I know the truth that MY Dream will come true as me being a farmer J

There is yet more to come my Dream #2… a school. Waiting for the fire to kindle again... Adios till 'en

Friday, October 05, 2007

A Typical day; my schedule.... DAMN It but I love it

Note: FUCK can be replaced by What the Fuck at times

7:00 am:
Get up get ready.. go to gym or swim...

8:30-9:00 screech FUCK... my back is aching. check e-mail... switch to a soccer channel get ready while listening to it... have coffee with laptop and commentary from TV...

Bitch about the traffic I am on my way to work...!!!!...WTF

: Reach office, open outlook yell FUCK.... check email and respond (to queries). Bugs, status reports, design discussions, and other questions communicated by email...

11 - Noon: Pick up work where I left off yesterday or work on some of the problems sent to me by email.... take periodic breaks, including coffee surfing the web for more information on a problem I am facing, checking email, talking through a problem with colleagues...!!!! and then tell some of 'em FUCK I already have enough work on my plate...!!!!

Noon - 1:00: Time for lunch... go to cafe look around and yell again... FUCK same ole shit... m not eating here and 'en stand in the queue...!!!! Grab lunch start chit chating about sports and end chit chat again with problems....!!!!!

1:00- 1:30: Grab coffee and yell again FUCK... m so sleepy. Once a week we have a status meeting of the entire development team, including the developers, the testers, the project manager, and the quality assurance staff. We discuss project progress, some design details, release schedules, etc.

1:30 - 6 or 7: Work Again, I take periodic breaks. Sometimes when I need a break, I move around the workspace... disturb others grab my football and start playing, go get more coffee or read NEWS. While on move I keep knocking doors.... yell at others and show them the bird... with a word FUCK u....!!!!

Finally 7:00 sales people are leaving... managers going home... you are packing stuff... and then comes a call from Offshore "I need Help" n wat you say again is FUCK....!!!!

7:00 - 9:00 Starts the fun ride... u are talking and listening and problem solving and finally you have to say... FUCK m really tired... I gotta go home e-mail me and I will reply....!!!!

9:30 - Midnight: TV, laptop, and a soup....!!!! and then you realize that the team you were backing up lost the match whether it be NBA NFL NHL Cricket etc... and again you say FUCK...!!!
3 times a week you crash on the couch itself... other lucky days you sleep on ur bed...!!!!

Now a typical generalized schedule... :)

A typical day depends on what phase of the Development Cycle we are in. Phase I is the design phase. There are lots of meetings up to 40% of the time you end up discussing the design specs, functionality, etc. Phase II usually has very few meetings and a lot of sitting at the computer and coding, testing. Phase II.5 comes up with a blow for PMs and stakeholders as there always are feature cuts ;-) this makes room for a release X.1 which is the bread & butter for software industry. Phase III, the delivery stage, can mean a lot of late hours as deadlines are close and project has definitely slipped deadlines twice in Phase II :D...

I also spend a lot of time finding/filing bugs, compiling code, and bitching about softwares I use. In addition, I may respond to technical questions from staff, clients, program managers... and may help with testing with other wing members and installing and mentoring newbies. I may also attend some sales meetings to be aware of the where the Organization is going...!!!!