Friday, October 05, 2007

A Typical day; my schedule.... DAMN It but I love it

Note: FUCK can be replaced by What the Fuck at times

7:00 am:
Get up get ready.. go to gym or swim...

8:30-9:00 screech FUCK... my back is aching. check e-mail... switch to a soccer channel get ready while listening to it... have coffee with laptop and commentary from TV...

Bitch about the traffic I am on my way to work...!!!!...WTF

: Reach office, open outlook yell FUCK.... check email and respond (to queries). Bugs, status reports, design discussions, and other questions communicated by email...

11 - Noon: Pick up work where I left off yesterday or work on some of the problems sent to me by email.... take periodic breaks, including coffee surfing the web for more information on a problem I am facing, checking email, talking through a problem with colleagues...!!!! and then tell some of 'em FUCK I already have enough work on my plate...!!!!

Noon - 1:00: Time for lunch... go to cafe look around and yell again... FUCK same ole shit... m not eating here and 'en stand in the queue...!!!! Grab lunch start chit chating about sports and end chit chat again with problems....!!!!!

1:00- 1:30: Grab coffee and yell again FUCK... m so sleepy. Once a week we have a status meeting of the entire development team, including the developers, the testers, the project manager, and the quality assurance staff. We discuss project progress, some design details, release schedules, etc.

1:30 - 6 or 7: Work Again, I take periodic breaks. Sometimes when I need a break, I move around the workspace... disturb others grab my football and start playing, go get more coffee or read NEWS. While on move I keep knocking doors.... yell at others and show them the bird... with a word FUCK u....!!!!

Finally 7:00 sales people are leaving... managers going home... you are packing stuff... and then comes a call from Offshore "I need Help" n wat you say again is FUCK....!!!!

7:00 - 9:00 Starts the fun ride... u are talking and listening and problem solving and finally you have to say... FUCK m really tired... I gotta go home e-mail me and I will reply....!!!!

9:30 - Midnight: TV, laptop, and a soup....!!!! and then you realize that the team you were backing up lost the match whether it be NBA NFL NHL Cricket etc... and again you say FUCK...!!!
3 times a week you crash on the couch itself... other lucky days you sleep on ur bed...!!!!

Now a typical generalized schedule... :)

A typical day depends on what phase of the Development Cycle we are in. Phase I is the design phase. There are lots of meetings up to 40% of the time you end up discussing the design specs, functionality, etc. Phase II usually has very few meetings and a lot of sitting at the computer and coding, testing. Phase II.5 comes up with a blow for PMs and stakeholders as there always are feature cuts ;-) this makes room for a release X.1 which is the bread & butter for software industry. Phase III, the delivery stage, can mean a lot of late hours as deadlines are close and project has definitely slipped deadlines twice in Phase II :D...

I also spend a lot of time finding/filing bugs, compiling code, and bitching about softwares I use. In addition, I may respond to technical questions from staff, clients, program managers... and may help with testing with other wing members and installing and mentoring newbies. I may also attend some sales meetings to be aware of the where the Organization is going...!!!!


Jeena said...

you say the F word too many times in a day... POTTY MOUTH!!

Also, you are a slave to one other thing...

Why do you get to the office btwn 9:30-11??

Abhinav Agrawal said...

I get there 9:30 and following is wat i do till 11 ;-)
Yeah I've a foul mouth n u knw this...!!!! but u culd have put it in a better way :D

Jeena said...

Hey dumbo... you never wrote since that day? HAHAHA

Gaurav Shankhdhar said...

i was thinking or just trying to make a picture of yours during "Discussion in Design or team meets"
Are you still act in the same way?

Abhinav Agrawal said...

wat do ya think bro ;)