Saturday, November 17, 2007

I am in red... and red is becoming darker

Nov 8, 2007 Seattle, WA... DOW went down significantly. Everyone who had invested in Stocks was mourning. At some place in Redmond/Bellevue there was an e-mail thread between friends which started as :
"Bhaiya yeh maiyaat nikali ja rahi hain stock market ki. aap sab sadar aamantrit hain..."; meaning Brothers seems like its the funeral of stock market lets all get together and mourn".

From the other end someone replied as:
I think I will lead the procession"
(this person is a major smart investor and he some how managed to step out of that blow in even)

and finally came the golden words from the champion who unintentially says something, who is considered to be the most naive member among my frenz and those words were the golden words which left an impact on me and I couldnt resist myself and blogged :

"Lol I am in red from past 1 month .. red is becoming darker for me now
But I love this game"

And what happened after this was that all those who were on the thread ended up in a Casino in the evening around 8 and played till 2am. It really didnt matter for anyone that nite whether they stepped out red(loose) or green(win).... They all love this game :)


nomadic being said...

Not all just YOU were in the Casino!! LOL

Anonymous said...

u r one hell'oa rockstar... always upto somethin nutty...

i love u so much

"u knw who i am dnt cha..."
catch me if u can