Tuesday, November 27, 2007

..If you can read this, thank a Teacher....

A teacher in Ujjain, India was killed by students on 26 Aug 2007 a few days before we celebrate Teachers day (5 Sept). What has happened to the sanity of students?
I agree that all teachers today are not "TEACHERS" but even a "teacher" doesn't deserve this. I read this NEWS and was really disappointed with my own generation.

Strikes, hooliganism, roits,
are always fun in college but do you think you'd like to boast about them as a grown up. Will you like your own chicken(kid) to do the same. Politics in college, why the fuck do you need it. Elections are fine but intrusion of political parties is a question. This incident made me think that all we are coming up with is a lot of Hooligans and Dumb asses.

Times of India NEWS link

Just in case if the above link doesnt work below is the NEWS from Times of India

UJJAIN: Meters away from the place where professor H S Sabharwal was brutally killed in the students' elections violence at Madhav College on August 26, his colleagues took out a silent procession wearing black bands and walked two kilometers to pay homage to the dead teacher on the occasion of Teacher's Day.

Schools and colleges remained closed and, in response to the state-wide bandh called by the Congress, shopkeepers also pulled down shutters for the first half of the day.

Former chief minister and AICC general secretary Digvijay Singh also came to meet the bereaved Sabharwal family on Tuesday. "The Congress will not abandon the family of professor H S Sabharwal.

“We will fight for justice in the streets, in the state assembly, in the courts and take the issue to the people," Singh said.

"Action should be taken against all those responsible for the incident including members of the NSUI and ABVP," he said, adding that the case should be handed over to the CBI.

On Tuesday, as the rest of the country celebrated Teachers' Day, Ujjain mourned. Congress took out a massive rally in Ujjain on Tuesday evening protesting against the assault on Sabharwal. While tension was reported from Jabalpur following the bandh with ABVP activists trying to prevent NSUI from attempting to forcibly close down shops and business establishments.

In contrast, however, the BJP-ABVP combine were in celebration mode. More than 50 BJP-ABVP members went to the Bhairogarh Jail to felicitate Shashi Ranjan Akela, one of the two accused of attacking Sabharwal. Akela is also part of the teaching faculty of Lokmanya Tilak Mahavidyalaya in Ujjain.


pooja said...

I completely agree on this..and appreciate your sensitivity....

Jeena said...

You know it's really sad how the youth in this day and age act! Respect for those older are hardly to be found anymore.

But I do disagree with your statement that teacher's aren't really teachers! Sure there are teacher's that aren't passionate about teaching, but many are there that have that passion and fire to make the kids the best they can be!

Abhinav Agrawal said...

"I agree that all teachers today are not "TEACHERS" but even a "teacher" doesn't deserve this. "

This is wat i stated and i mean the same wat u say :)