Saturday, November 10, 2007

A lovely Innocent Desi Profile.....

Orkut has been an important part of daily life for desi's. Me being a Desi is not an exception either lolzz... n being a desi I'd love to blog a typical Desi profile in my space. For Desi's orkut is as important as brushing our teeth, using a loo, eating, drinking. Orkut for us is a means of finding old school mates/old romance, dream love of our life, being lucky some day ;) etc...

So here is a typical Desi Profile on Orkut....!!!!!

Orkut Profile of Mr/Ms ABC XYZ



My Comments

About Me

Well to descibe me in short is really not possible and too boring. Just in short I am simple, cool easy going GUY

Desi’s/We cannot describe ourselves. We are always speechless and are pretty short of words ;) Guy is our favorite word

Here for

friends, activity partners, business , networking, dating(women)

Dating Women is must for boys as this is always an excuse when scraping random girls :P

Sexual Orientation

Straight/Open Relationship

I don’t know why but a lot of desi’s/We think that open relationship means Open and Relationship and this means cool


Cars, cricket, movies

Always passionate about cars and movies this all we dream of all the time driving nice cars and dining with superstars


With partner

For us many times roommate is a partner


Not for me/ Not Maah cuppa Tea

Hahahah I love this part they are never for us... sometimes the reply is course books.


Indian, Italian, Mexican, anything that my mom cooks.

This is all what we like. Mexican==Burito



For us there is nothing like Thai, Mongolian Vietnamese, Irish ;), scotish. Experiments with somthing new NOWAYZ. Our moms love to cook

TV Shows

Laughter Challenge

Ask them to crack a joke and they will crack a PJ


DDLJ, DTPH, T1 2 3, MI 1 2 3, Matrix all

Yeah this all we have watched since our childhood n this is what we will keep watching. Recently we have started liking forest gump a lot.


High Tech, Computer Software

No Comments

Turns Off

Lies, Hypocrisy

Look who’s talking

my idea of a perfect first date

Walk on a Beach, candle light dinner

This is what we dream of. Most of us have seen a b’ful beach of Mumbai (Pun Intended for a b’ful beach )

Past Relationships

All Men are dogs/ All girls break heart. Or Relationship hurts, stay away from them.

We are/were all ditched in love this is our sad story… another truth is this most of us never let our love know that we love them and then we start thinking they ditched us. Yeah we are lovely desi’s

five things I cant live without

Food Water Mom Music Friends

Cant think of anything else…

I wanted to write this in the table above but thot tht wont be a justice to this section. So heres a seperate discussion on MUSIC

We all have the same taste when comes to music. We love Himesh Reshamiya, Atif Aslam, Lata Ji, "can listen to anything depending on the mood" Backstreet(larger then life), Boyzone(words), Linkin park(In the End), Metalica (Nothing else matters), Bryan Adams(Summer of '69), Eagles(Hotel California), Ricky Martin(Livin la Vi da Loca), Enrique (Bilamos), Pink Floyd( Another brick in the wall -II)

Notice that we(Desi's) listen only to one song of each and these performers rock our world :)

See Ya Guyz, Dude, Man (our Favie words to address each other)........


Tunisha said...

u r soooooooo right!!! N I luv the part about look who's talking coz #1 Desies always Lie
#2 We r the biggest Hypocrites

Jeena said...

hey love it.. I will also start a blog.... :)

Abhijit said...

hahaaa, u rock "dude". u are our "man" and we all "guys" will love you for this blog!!! :D

deepa said...

Hey!!Dont forget tht u r also part of us...DESISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS..U DESI

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