Friday, November 16, 2007

.... Microsoft Proves again....

I love notepad... u hit Start--->Run on my windows box u'll find notepad in the text box. Click Start and look into the menu notepad is at the top of it. At any given moment you will find atleast 10 notepad files on my desktop.

If people ask me
whats the difference between Windows 95 and Windows 98 I say 3 years, but if asked what is the most stable thing by Microsoft I say notepad. Its been there since i started using Windows 3.1. I remember the days when these OSs prompt for the security login instead of providing a password u can hit Esc and you are good to fuck with the machine (though the OS itself is capable to fuck it) but notepad was always in place. Anyways back to the point, I am a hardcore fan of Notepad. Its so simple so light never crashes blah blah blue blue and I wondered that how the fuck is there somthing by MS that is so stable. VOILA they proved themselves once again... I am so happy that I was wrong. I wont say a word now all I want you, is to try this:


  • Open up Notepad (not Wordpad, not MSWord nor any other word processor)
  • Type in this sentence exactly (without quotes): "this app can break"
  • Save the file to your disk.
  • Close Notepad
  • Open the saved file by double clicking it.

Expected Result:
this app can break

Actual Result:

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Abhinav Agrawal said...

So consistent are they... I love MS

Abhijit said...

well..well...well...the title itself - "microsoft proves again" was so eye catching, that i was like, WTF, proves? that too MS!! lolz...anyway, i donno wtf u wanted to write there, altho' i got the gyst by the title itself(wink!), but lemme just say...that, that line...blah blah blue blue...made me rolling on the ground, till i had my wits to write this comment!! way to go man!!! lolz