Sunday, November 25, 2007

Frenzz are Gettin Married and I am Gettin Drunk

Weddings tend to happen in clusters. Seems as if wedding chimes are ringing everywhere lately. I received thirteen marriage invitation this year from my friends. I think its time do get drunk and dance.

When I was 21 a couple of my frenz got married and now when I am almost 25 another bunch is following them. I am wondering what is going around me, am I late or they are in a hurry.

At work one of my colleague was playing with his engagement ring in a meeting and I commented that you are supposed to wear it all the time. This person(age 28) thought for a moment put it back on, looked at me and smiled. Meeting continued and after 5 mins he said, “I think I need a break; are you getting married soon sometime?

I think nothing could be better if you found the love of your life and are planning to get settled. Its all your life and its all upto you but what I don’t agree is why people are in such a hurry to get settled. Do they think that they might move on or do they think that its enough staying away from each other n lets get a license to stay together.

All I want you to warn is that now you can no more step in late at home without making a call. You might not be able to ask someone out for dinner, you wont be able to work over the weekends or late. On top of it no more cereals or soup for dinner, no more late nyte calls, no more chit chating, text messaging to gals whom u used to flirt with, no more getting drunk(damn it I cant afford all that).

My most horrible thought of getting married is that I can never live alone again. I wont be able to sleep at 6pm and get up at 11pm to go to a casino or start working. I would hate to hear that my keypads click and table lamp are bothering someone to sleep. Especially the thought of someone telling me that I swear a lot bothers me. I am yet not ready to give up all those sportstar and rockstar posters from my bedroom... i dont have a closet big enough to accommodate extra clothing... neither i am ready to play soft music or for candle light dinners.

Throughout my school I was sure about the girl I loved, throughout my college I was sure about another gal I was in love with, throughout my masters I thought that i am in true love and was sure about the gal I was truly in love with and now at work I am some how not searching for love though but I still wonder if I'd have married any of them then was that the right time for me. Will I have to change my life style once married. My priority is to find my own success before I think of getting married. I want to rather grow into my own. I want to be extremely independent and then think of getting married.

I present my hearty wishes to all my frenz who are getting married in next six months. But remember me you can always have a late nyte cereal bowl for dinner at my place whenever you feel like. :)

Found this lyrics some where so posting it here for my dear frenz:

Well all my friends are getting married
Yes they're all growin' old
They're staying home on weekends
They're all doin' what they're told
But I'm caught up in this magic
I'm all caught up in the fun
I'm all caught up in this music
Maybe I'll never have a son

Well I looked into the crowd the other night
And I saw an old familiar face
He said "How are you doin' Shirl my boy?"
He said " Tell me, are you still playin' the same old place
I asked him all about himself
And he said that he was married with a kid
Showed me a picture of his wife
And we talked about all the things we did

Well sometimes I feel like I'm left behind
And sometimes I feel like I just left school
Wonder if I'll ever grow up
Maybe I'm the only fool

But I'm all caught up in this magic
Yes I'm caught up in this fun

I'm all caught up with this music
Well maybe I'll never have a son


nomadic being said...

I feel you on the marriage! Everyone I know is getting married.... Also there is a saying that goes "Always a bridesmaid and never a bride" That goes for me... And then there is the throwing of the boquet so that whoever catches it will be the "next bride" I HAVE CAUGHT IT 6 times already in the last year!! I AM NOT A BRIDE YET!! :( but then I think, I want to live on my OWN in a small town but close to the city and live my life! That would be the best thing for me...

pooja said...

You say....I say...

"You can no more step in late at home"--------coz u now learn Time management

"No more cereals or soup for dinner"----something more nutritious and healthy + love..

"No more chit chatting, text messaging to gals whom u used to flirt with"------ well I say, no more gossips, no more heartbreaks, ..coz..u got one to do all da Fun…

"No more late nyte calls"-----only late night love……..

"You wont be able to work over the weekends"-----I say, weekends are not at all meant for work…

"You say You might not be able to ask someone out for dinner"------Hey..Coz someone has made a delicious dinner and waiting for u at home…..(great feeling isn’t it??)

"No more getting drunk"-------I say, u will always be drunk (u will be inside the pool of love) without any hangovers….

"I can never live alone again"----I say, wow…..nobody’s want to be lonely,

"Casino"-------- when a live game is around + without money nd taxes. why going for Casino…??..

"Especially the thought of someone telling me that I swear a lot bothers me"-----.-You say…it bothers you… tht saying it coz,.,it bothers her as well……( u can see the connection…here)

"But what I always doubt is whether I will marry any of them".------- I say, when in doubt….close ur mind..listen to ur heart….

"Will I have to change my life style once married"------- hey just think. if u got a life style now???well I say….after u will meet ur life…u don’t need a style…..u just need her smile……..

"My priority is to find my own success before I think of getting married"----behind man’s success there is a woman….( proved worldwide)

**After reading the above….now whenever ur frnd knocks ur door...ur line would be……….would be…….guess…guess…………………….guesses…no…naah….u will not even bother to open ur door honey!!!!!!! Wat say????**

Abhinav Agrawal said...

You are just awesome Pooja... u left me speechless but still I think at this point i wont be able to agree to u completely... will discuss this once i meet u

Deepa said...


When ur thinking will stop
When u stop reasoning
When u can keep her first before ur need
Ready 2 take responsibility of er
Mature enough 2 take a stand for er
If u no longer think she's a headache
U vl luv her pestering behaviour
When u stop putting ne logic behind 4 reasoning why u luv er
When u want to grow older with er
When u want her to be mother of ur children
When u stop searching for better
When it seems to u a natural next step
When the fog clears enough for u 2 c sunshine

If u really luv somebody u wont even think of leaving her/him
That is what I believe true luv is…….& I wish for u MY DEAR FRIEND that the clouds of doubt will soon disappear.

Abhinav Agrawal said...

wat u said deepa ji is all in books I will prefer reality over books in this case :)

I am said...

ha ha..funny post again.. but even better is the reply by your blog mate 'pooja'

anuj said...

usa government giving some 1200 tax rebate to couples ,while singles are getting 600 bucks..
these ppl cant c some men more happier than others

Sneha Shrivastava said...

I cant agree more with Pooja's reply.
Though your concerns are quite reasonable.Isn't this a political reply?;)

Abhinav Agrawal said...

yup this is a very nicely crafted answer... :)

Deepika Gupta said...

ha ha ha... good one..
So like me... Seriously lolz