Tuesday, December 18, 2007

...Learning from Bollywood....

Lover Boy Govinda

Angana mein Baba , dwarey pe Maa

Kaise aau gori , main tohre ghar maa

Lover Gal Shilpa

Khet gaye baba , bajaar gayi maa

Akeli hu ghar ma , tu aaja saajna...

This song starts with ChiChi (Govinda) who cant wait to enter Shilpa Shirodkar’s house, and he also fears that her folks might be at home and Govinda might end up with a sore ass.

Shilpa finally relives the lover boy telling him that her pop is workin in the fields and her mom is out shoppin… and invites him home.

What happened next is hahahahah even I dnt knw… never watched the video nor I am interested in. But the moral of the above two lines is hook up with a gal whose father is a farmer and her mom loves shoppin ;-) you might have a chance to sneak in.

Long way to go Bollywood...

Lover boy Govinda

Your pop is in the courtyard and your mom is door watching

Ohh tell me how do I enter your home darling

Lover Gal Shilpa

Dad’s in the fields and mom’s out shopping

walk in through the door Ooo dear darling...


Piercing The Veil said...

hi Abhinav...tnx for your wonderful comment and for visitng my blog...feel free to come again you are always welcome...

...sometimes two couples click even if they are extremes..like the one in your blog ..one being a hard worker another being a spend thrift...funny..well ake care

mohit said...

hey dear, i think u r bit late in writing this bolg...this shld be the starting one , i was thinking wht happened to u after going thr but this was the real come back , for the mast bindass college frnd abhinav not an s/w engg....:)
very inteligentlty u have expresed the moral but this is chichi style....well thr is something gr8 enough in bollywood also to explore so expecting a real tough thought from u after this funny one...(hey while writing i am also listenig tujhse narax nahi jindagi so u can understand y i said abt tough thoughts).....well gr8 going by u keep it up.