Thursday, December 13, 2007

It's not the years in your life... It's the life in your years... Live it

I heard someone complaining: “Ah I wish life was simple…”

FUCK YOU… Life's simple.

To many of us it might sound alluring, impossible or just a wish… but I strongly believe that Life is Simple. But what is difficult is, to state what a simple life is. Actually a simple life’s definition may vary from tongue to tongue. For many of us a house, rewards at work, no challenge, no competition, ten hours of sound sleep and a hot sexy not demanding life partner makes a simple a life… for others it may be rest all day, fairy land, beautiful sunny day, a lot of money.

Grow up this place is not a fairy land… you gotta do something to live a simple life. All I want to say here is to live a simple life one need to….

"Live with Intention… Know exactly what you want… work towards it… things can’t be achieved with a wink of a magic spell… give it some time… Re-evaluate yourself sometimes with a question “Do I really want this”

I think life is simple


mohit said...

Well said bro.... but yr thought mostly relies on how much u r clr abt yr targets.Its well known fact mostly the persons r not clr wht they want .. and so they r always in mid of blind race chasing a undefined for one to get this ans abt simple life is first to get his targets set...appreciates yr comments howevr looking more from u in this side too.

I am said...

Hey thanks for dropping by..agree .99 cent to what you said..Life is simple :) thats why we need complications and problems to make it interesting, else it gets boring :) :))

Jeena said...

Life is simple, but it's what we do to screw it up that makes it complicated!