Friday, December 28, 2007

"Took me longer than what I expected"

Yeah.., I worked on a project and I consider it to be the best project in my organization. Though we missed the deadlines thrice and now we are shipping it mid next year it doesn't matter. What matters is what we learn and how we are going to come up with a better fool proof plan... but how?
Answer is Postmortem.

Waaat... Yeah Postmortem. Clarification of what was unclear and blame ones own self is the key to move ahead.
Start from the features never worked on but still alive in the documentation. These are the features that are like walking dead bodies... they are the pain in the butt and can't be punted forever. All I can coin them as neither dead nor alive yet existing. Catch your stakeholders from their collar and ask them "Do you want it or not?" but be prepared to provide the idealistic estimates of the timeline. Weekly status broadcasts and e-mails, reports meeting notes will help you track where you are going.

hahahhaha I know we are aware of this and follow this in every organization but, do we follow it for the whole project life cycle. Why is it that during the sunset we all have the same statement "it took me longer than what I expected". Dude, always consider yourself as a vendor/contractor and think will anyone give you a project ever if you say: "it took me longer than what I expected"

Lets ship it...

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