Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tickles from Seattle - 6

Last of the year...

MS, MP n Tiger

MS : Dude u kiddin me last week you disagreed to this n today ur statement is in favor
MP : Did I
Tiger: Yeah u did asshole
MP: Alright Alright so what... in future take my words just like a holy religious book and interpret it as you feel like... don't "quote" me

Happy New Year to all...

Monday, December 29, 2008

Had a wonderful '08.. will have a better '09

With the end of '08 I would like to present my gratitude to lord and would thank him for such a positively eventful year...

Thanks that I had a wonderful job and was able to accomplish my commitments
Thanks that I recovered my knee from accident
Thanks for making me financially capable of buying a new car
Thanks for the wonderful trips that I was able to do this year
Thanks for all the good grades and managing my studies along with work
Thanks for all the good friends I made this year and thanks for making me keep in touch with old friends
Thanks for taking care of my folks and Siddharth who are distance away from me
Thanks for the new wonderful place I am dwelling in
Thanks for helping me sustain in this economy
Thanks for keeping people around me so that I am not lonely and being loved

I know the lines following this statement are usually quoted around ThanksGivin and is a copy paste but then... forget it

I am thankful for weariness and aching muscles at the end of the day, because it means I have been capable of working hard.
I am thankful for the taxes that I pay, because it means that I am employed.
I am thankful for the clothes that a fit a little too snag, because it means I have enough to eat.
I am thankful for a floor that needs mopping and windows that need cleaning, because it means I have a home.
I am thankful for the parking spot I find at the far end of the parking lot, because it means I am capable of walking and that I have been blessed with transportation
I am thankful for the pile of laundry and ironing, because it means I have clothes to wear.
I am thankful for being sick once in a while, because it reminds me that I am healthy most of the time

Thanks for all the other things that I am missing here and you showered on me....

Monday, December 22, 2008

Music n Study - Like Poles

We tend to get influenced by other people style that we sometimes forget the essentials of evaluating it or whether it is for ones ownself or not... walking around those corridors in school n university its highly probabilistic that 70+% students with headphones shoved in their ears and eyes concentrating in a book, feet taping at the beats and a pen fumbling in the fingers. It seems as though music is an ingredient of life...
Talking to them seems like they can study better along with music and it helps them keep focus... while some consider it as a distraction.

Now what is going to follow might sound like bashing but is a personal opinion... n since i consider myself an oracle "My view cannot be questioned"

Study and music are two like poles they repel and both deserve complete respect and individual dedicated attention. People who study with music might remember something but what my observation says is that they always get a couple of questions in exam out of sylabus while the person writing the same exam who studied without music doesnt feel so. Crystal statement former cant implement in real life or a twist of concepts they studied while later has a better depth and variation perception.

Another thing that disappoints me is people with headphones in their ears think that all guitar and drums mean is rock and evrything with flute and voilon is classical... usage of electrical instruments lead to pop and every fast musical tone with high bps is electronica... well well well there is something that exists as generes and even the vocals and study of lyrics define them.. just like every edible grease is not oil but every edible grease has cholestrol similarly every tune is music but every music is not same and cant be classified as such high level names. Dont define that your love of music leads you to concentrate better thats just a myth... if you tap your feet while studying then probably you are missing the solution to so called out of sylabus question.

Scribbled above just out of the love and respect towards music... I am not a best/ideal student... but I cant "study" in music.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

...and the legend follows as:

So subway dropped its regular footlong to $5 and Quiznos had to follow the trend. Yup great for consumers... Wendys and McD's launched there dollar menu and so did many other.

Yeah the truth is this that the love for sat n trans fat kept growing and was cheaper out there.... Burger King (Dumb King) actually launched a fragrance today ( I am disgusted at the thought and would not use it to kill bugs while camping).

Alright if Kate Winslet, Paris Hilton, Antonio Branderas and Amit Ji can have their fragrances why not BK. But the thought that really ridiculed me was the advertising line (do click on it to feel d heat n keep sprayin):

“The Whopper sandwich is America’s favorite burger. Flame by BK captures the essence of that love and gives it to you. Behold the scent of seduction, with a hint of flame-broiled meat.”
I was not disgusted with bacon chocolates, fish egg sushi, icecream sausage or ox tail... but BK did.

FYI: As far as I know nothing can beat the popularity of a double cheese burger.. and i question BK's statement as Whopper sandwich A's fav burger. Burger King sucks

Monday, December 15, 2008

...So close no matter how far...

........Couldn't be much more from the heart !!!!
Forever trusting who we are...
No nothing else matters..

Two Hours... a band of 4 and the legend of :

That Was Just Your Life
The End of the Line
Creeping Death
Harvester of Sorrow
Broken, Beaten & Scarred
Sad But True
Wherever I Roam
The Day That Never Comes
Master of Puppets
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
Die Die Die My Darling
Seek and Destroy

A life time experience... simply in awe of the GODs of Thrash Metal, with all reverence.. (I wish I had a chance of witnessing Jimmy Paige and Pink Floyds at the peak and I would have quoted the same)... METALLICA is back on top and I can't pen the great feeling I had when M. S. mailed me 3 mnths back that he managed the tickets to the show and the ticks to Dec 1 took forever.

My Idea of a successful memorable concert is either a chaotic punk party all on crack or in an arena where you can feel the riffs of base the beats of drums n the echo of vocalist... and yup we had this concert in the KeyArena (officail court of Seattle Sonics). Secondly when the Lamb of God played before Metallica it was like a free treat to a fan... couldnt have asked for more.

Waiting for a performer you love and admire is a very different kind of a wait and I had never realized this before in any concert that I attended(other then Usha Utthup). Its a very delicious wait. Those false alarms those equipment techies testing the guitars n drums those out of the blue shrieks from audiences and all fans geared up with their lighters to welcome the Metal players... its simply superb.

The show was a glorious combination of laser lights and coffins (symbol of the new release Deth Magnet). I was mesmerized and so was everyone else. Me being a NBA fan and been to key Arena several times before.... had a whole perspective changed for the venue... it was loud and stutteringly awesome. James Hetfield and his vocals tuned the soul and I couldnt manage to sleep all night as his voice kept singing in my ears... Bassist Robert Trujillo has always been a god of base for me and his unique style of bending down and playing at ground level levaes me speechless... him playing the riffs solo came really late and I was getting impatient to hear him... Hats off to Kirk Hammett who froze everyone and proved to be a legend again. He rules the stage and his attire is as unique as his skill... and none other then the know drummer Lars Ulrich known for his reckless style and a shower of spit in the air... was at his best sitting in the middle of the stage on a revolving disc made that head banging more cheerful n painless for everyone.

Long Way to Go... \m/

Friday, December 12, 2008

Where was I...?

In a dark dungeon...

I started twitting to send live feeds on the fly... irony is; haven't got time to think of it in fast 20 days. Twas a fun ride...

Actually I think I'll be busy catching up with missed calls n voice mails as someone reported in an e-mail that my voicemail box is full... inbox have some ~20 e-mails flagged as a follow up gotta do some serious catching... laundry's been stinikin in a corner for some time... yup havent ironed a shirt in weeks. But I still manage to take showers.. machines havent been on sleep for a week or so.

what happened... where was I ? In chair.. in- front of my machine... a pencil in mouth a notepad at lap... glasses on nose and swearing on tongue. Can’t remember when I slept for +4 hrs in 15 days...

20 days -- just reminded me my days from Texas.

* 4 homeworks (school)
* 3 projects (school)
* 1 release
* 1 project kick off
* 2 days on-call on pager
* 3 quizzes’ (school)
* 2 comprehensive exams (school)
* 1 certification
* 4 classes
* 2 re-orgs
* 55 layoffs
* nonetheless a life time experience... Live Metallica Concert Whoot Whoot Whoot

The thought of Dec 12th when I'll be done with the semester... the certification... etc etc had such a sweet aroma in itself that I cant stop smiling... i just dont want to sleep... i just dont want to go home... i am loving it... its Dec 12

Sunday, November 23, 2008

...which boat are you sailing in?

...every new day its either in NEWS, blogs, conversation or work place, some one's got the pink slip. Yup bad times... scary times. Each day seems to be getting worse. I am experiencing a 52 week low for my orgs stock price (35 to 6), loosing a 3B market cap to 1.xxB. Some say its the buyers market as its going to bounce back... i say hold on to your penny you never know when you need it. Irony is more than half of the companies listed in S&P500 index don't even qualify the bars today.

Its getting worse... painful aspect its gone global ---it’s the people who were already in a bad shape will have to suffer more.. but who is in the worst shape is a big question.

A founder... who is watching his baby, life time dream sinking... (eg Yahoo)
A retired professional who was counting on his pension for 60 yrs and his employer is bankrupt (eg employees of GM)
A professional who is about to retire and watching all his investments siniking
A student who is about to graduate n has no job.
A daily wage laborer who is not been hired anymore
An employee who steps out of office every evening with a sigh... Thank God it wasnt me.

I started my career not too long ago... the current situation scares me but the thot of having another 30 yrs in my pocket is my Tylenol... I am lucky not to be in my retirement stages watching all 50 yrs down the drain...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Friday, November 07, 2008

Myth Buster

Today the growth and the most respected sector for my country's progress is software, but then the question that keeps dingin in my head is do we really have that software sector existing in India.

As i see India, she doesn't has a software sector existing. It should now realize the misconception, the economical boom for the country is not software. How many companies back home are making a software that they can package and that is in use worldwide. The giants none other then infosys, tcs, wipro, satyam, hcl etc etc are solution providers. I blame them completely for infecting the new engineers. We, from our very first job's lack the training to do something different, innovative. We think from the perspective of accomplishing a project based on the customer siting there across the sea and fullfiling their needs. Why do we not have a twitter, facebook, Operating system, a desktop office, a messenger, desktop wiki or say a small web browser developed by a group of frenz.

Though the software industry(so called) has been growing very rapidly. Many multinationals are approcahing us. But as I see the industry has already hit the bed rock in its path to glory. Why does the software market crash when US economy is blown... its just because they drive our business. If we had our own cloud computing or say our own add center which the world used we might have not been affected so much.

This kind of a business line up which is business driven rather than technology is always at risk. Yeah we have IBM, microsoft, yahoo or any other giant in india too but they dont belong to us... Adobe is good example I'd say... being oversea company releases most of its products from indian development center and thence I can put my job at stake for the quality engineer from Adobe.

India at the same time should realize the threat from China... they have labor cheaper then us and at the same time they are attracting more n more business lately. Indian solution providers have always lacked in providing a quality soltuion to any company in States that actually develops its own software. This is the reason that when microsoft gives its project to Wipro they give them the mundane task of running regression. As a result the engineer back home dreams for an onsite opportunity to earn some quick money. What is the end result for this engineer. As i see it is he is deterioriating his own skill set by being held up in "You need to do this" environment. Does he get a chance to think out of the box... does he really get a feeling of that his organiztion is by him. Indian solution providers are actually generating revenue from non IT industry like financial institues (AIG, BofA, WaMu, etc) or some stores like Walgreens. We have been generating revenue from support of the product that we provided them 10 yrs ago.... isnt that what is deteroriating our own generations thinking abilities. Support is Fun trust me, especially for a product that I didnt write. Why do or companies have a bench period which is usually indefinite.

I think that the myth needs to burst now. Industry itself should groom it in a different way. They should take a pick of funding and developing universities rather than a Laala making a private engineering college where his aim is to generate revenue and hire non-skilled jobless professionals to teach.

Today, an organization that wants an engineer has no option other then to provide an in-house training to his new college hire. These programs are not cheap its an investment of several Ks' to train one. And then they trainee hops a job. They day this hopping culture is busted.. they day industry will take a new turn at home. If the industry had invested in the college to train this dude and hand picked him from there things would have been different.

Well thats just my opinion... I am not an analyst but my respect to this profession and love for country makes me one. Needless to say we are all Cyber Coolies' and this should change

Thursday, November 06, 2008

...there will never be "no more coasting"

Will not go too far in past... just start from where you stepped out of school. You had those bright eyes. You saw or heard about that man who is almost twice your age and now your role model. You see him siting in that halway with 4 computers and a laptop in front of him. He also has that leather coated briefcase and shiny oxford shoes. He is an important man, he has a b'ful assistant and his phone rings every 30 mins. That dude enjoys the privlage of choosing whom he wants to talk to... 

"Yes I am going to be him one day" and here you are, probably better then him. You stood strong... overcome all the blows of fate's bastion.

What next.. yes some 10 floors above you is a bald eagle. His call you cannot ignore and what every 30 mins the call you are receiving is his...huh. This call makes you put on your jacket and makes you quick groom yourself. You step in there... and he his assistant is more b'ful then yours. His chair indeed is more comfortable then yours... he asks you to step out as the big dude has to discuss the confidential economy plans of the company and here you think again... "Yes I am going to be him one day". He was twice your age too.

The wheel is rolling... life is coasting and you being the lucky one is there. that corner window office in the high rise of the city, that computer which you chose yourself... hand picked furniture in your office, with a set of shiny golf clubs and a decanter of the finest scotch in town. 

What next yet another dream... another goal... 

We coast n coast n coast... and we will coast n coast n coast... there always is somthing that pulls us towards itself, that drives our daily lifes... that tweaks are thought processes... 

Life's a mosh pit and keep dreaming till you have that ranch, with all the cattle you can manage. Work till you can afford that smuggled cuban cigar and that local precious casked wine. 

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Tickles from Seattle - 5

...this place is all about subtle satire, the billboard at the door says it all.
All I know about this place is that always some creepy dudes n dudettes go in n out n all well dressed tourists love to get a picture of the billboard.

I was always tempted to take pictures as the humor that goes on the board is about some recent event, incident, news, movie etc etc... and its just awesome.

All i know about this place is from my dearo fren Yelp (click here to learn more).

Heard of Chronicles of Narnia, Indiana Jones, Electoral College, Temple of Doom, Spring Break, Thanks Giving, New Year, Sleepless in Seattle  :) 

here i am sharing a different perspective of all that as another tickle from Seattle.... 

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

..an attempt to define the abstract

Not much's been written about it... but then web's a huge sea. Needless to say that my search strings over the web r kind of weired and times; i think its the strive for findin the fluff n ignoring the stuff.

Some months back i stumbled on to this website when i made a typo in the spelling of "retriever"(i typed: retrievr), found it really cool bookmarked it and forgot about it... http://labs.systemone.at/retrievr/

In short:
Retrievr provides u a very basic, light wait, paint brush type of a flash based, sketch pad. U draw using 4 dot sizes pick up the custom color and it runs a query in Flickr to find really cool pictures.

Flickr (mark the spelling) is an online album mgnt portal, where you can upload and maintain you pictures. btw: Flickr's awesome

Its fun to draw something really abstract and see what results it provides you. M posting my example and my expectation was a blue sky and green water. Its not always tht you will get good results. Actually the indexing is not based on images its more as a pattern of colors that the algorithm is percieving. There is nothing image/text recogniton kind of a thing with this project. You draw the abstract and you get sometimes really stunning results. At one instance I drew a black horizontal line on top and a grey vertical line in middle and the results were several monochrome image with a man standing and black clouds hovering o'er him... 

Play around its awesome : 
Just in case you forget the link type retrievr in google and the first link is to the project.

Monday, October 13, 2008

...booted suited stick in hand...

...dog behind are called Gentlemen

Just like your pick of shoes, neck wear reflects your taste too. Well i think proposing this axiom is not justice lets take it as my opinion.

I find girls more appealing in a smartly knotted woolen or satin scarf... scarfs look smart, cravats look sexy. But when it comes to men it is indeed one of a very challenging picks, from color to pattern to knot to fabric. Picking up a neckwear is not easy for men... i have always spend more time finding that tie, cravat/ascot then my formal jacket. Yeah when it comes to spice it a bit I prefer an ascot or cravat and ofcourse now n then this deviance is necessary, not to mention how well it goes with a 3 piece.

Alas havent got a chance to wear a cravat in a while... but my love for them has never deteroriated. I am one of those proud men(call me lad) who find pleasure in giving pleates to cravat. Unfortunately they are not in fashion among Yankees and I love Brits for this. My perfect non casual evening in Downing street goes with a shirt, cravat, v-kneck sweater, blue jeans and casual shoes.

Dad taught me about cravat and it suits him. I still value the used silk that he gave me off his collar and taught me to carry it. Will never forget the words "feel its class before you pleat it... its not a costume son"

My temptation to step over the board and wear that smooth dark outlandish silky cravat is never going away and will wear it again some time.

Friday, October 10, 2008

..Not d Same old Bastard

.. and today contradicting his friends view Bastard declares that he has changed. With a stern denial of the statement "Same old Bastard" he accepts he is not the same... the question remains open ended change for the better or for the worse. Well thats a drift may be a change for his own survival in society.

Today bastard is embarassed to hug an old fren of same sex who he meets after ages... and today bastard is embarassed if a man winks at him asking him to act like an ignorant... where did the feeling of brotherhood and once own country's success go. Outsourcing that was also justfied for him is no more justified. It scares him n he curses the system and doesnt mind his own brothers deprived of jobs as far as his own ass is secured.

Is an answer; things change so do people... is the answer charity begins at home enough to justify him or is it a sign of his own identity being retarded...!!!

Rightly said: Change is inevitable, except from vending machines.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

and I am not frightened of dying....

.....any time will do, i
Dont mind. why should I be frightened of dying? 
Theres no reason for it, youve gotta go sometime.
i never said I was frightened of dying....

A hymn like track none other then 1973 “The Great Gig in the Sky”  yeah the solo song composer n writer the legendry keyboard player of Pink Floyd none other then Richard Wright passed last month(Sept 15th  at 65).  In David Gilmour’s words: “In the welter of arguments about who or what was Pink Floyd, Rick’s enormous input was frequently forgotten. He was gentle, unassuming and private but his soulful voice and playing were vital, magical components of our most recognized Pink Floyd sound.”

Rains pouring down for past 48 hrs, this fuming mug of coffee is like a smoke machine on a live Floyd’s show and Division Bell playin at its best left me gloomy in the remembrance of RickWright. 2 yrs back Syd Barret(another founder of Floyd) died and this yr its Rick. The core of PinkFloyd’s is now a history with David Gilmour still givin a ray to happiness n peace with his style along with Nick Mason.

Rick had that style of playing those monumental hymns from his keyboard those somber tunes from his fingers. He had his own musical abstract presence on the stage where he not only contributed with keyboard n vocals but also his unique eerie effect. Astronomy Domine, The Piper at the Gates of Dawn will always be remembered n played endlessly by all the fans round the globe.

I will never forget when I watched the recordings Live 8 Reunion London concert where the original Floyd’s reunited in 2005 and shared that unforgettable moment n  hug in 24 years… I wish I could have attended that I wish I was a part of it….

May your soul rest in peace…  u’ll always be remembered and loved as a Floyd...

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

well-wishers of Mr Johnson...

Only if i had responded to 1% of the junk e-mails I receive Mr Johnny would be atleast a couple of feet long by now. Viagra, Cialis, extenz, enzyte, hyrdrocodone, vicodin, phenterminetc etc, etc

WTF I just happen to click on the spam folder which reads some 700 unread undeleted e-mails n all they have to read is that they are my best well wishers.

Minimize your expences on enhancing and get the best result ever
How to get out of a bad condition and failures each night
You will need this for a good pounding
Get directions to their hearts when they see the size of your equipment
I am glad that the spam filters work.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Tickles from Seattle - 4

Tirin day... Fun evening...
...gulpin Vodka ...sippin RUM
discussin indusrtry... bitchin policies...
...pitch high ...flippin birds

J.G. : Stop it, will discuss when am in sane n not insane

NEWSPaper with No-Paper

...took off really great in the form of e-NEWS from various sources but the question is how far will it go. Personal preference I use internet to catch a glimpse of the day when it comes to news or I use it to browse, as browsing gets a pain with a physical resource at hand. I use internet to read the abstract but when it comes to a complete content I prefer library/bookstore over the web.

 Amazon introduced 'Kindle' a electronic reading device but 1 year being in production its still not popular yet. I dont know the reason for it being on back order at the store but to be true I really dont know a single person who is a buyer of it.

Kindle could be I should rather say is a great product, a blissful feeling from no IM pings or e-mail notifications or virus alerts, irritating popups advertisements, etc etc. but how far will it go ?

 A birds eye view; Kindle (Amazon) offers ~24 newspaper on Kindle at a monthly subscription of ~$5 - ~$14 and the issue arrives wirelessly and synced to you device. This means no more walk to the drive way with coffee in hand in adverse weather condition, no worries about recycling the newspaper every month, and having a feeling of going green. Now the problem is Kindle doesn’t offer colors on the reads no advs and browsing might get cumbersome at times. The reason being mobile device is comfortable as far as you read linearly but is a pain as soon as you have to scroll left or right. (Tip: for notepad turn on the word wrap). 

Kindle somehow couldn’t pick that swing, I am sure most of my readers might not even be aware of it as they were of the i-Phone before its release. Its again some advertising stunts that it lacked. Do you plan to buy a Fiat? Do you knw Fiat owns Ferrari, does this change your opinion? Second reason I can think of, is its price and being monochrome till date.

I am still skeptical about Kindle catching the market. Reason my pocket currently has a PDA, cigarette pack, light, wallet, carabiner for keys, Zune and a bag at hands with a laptop, charger, some disks, notebook and am I ready to carry Kindle when I can grab a glimpse of world on a paper newspaper in cafe or my Newspapers website.

Someone said the other day that e-media and replacement of paper junk is the next big thing and Kindle is a huge step. I question it loudly as my opinion is, its never happening. I think the next big thing is still replacing the moving parts from your electronics to minimize the dissipated heat and reliability and the core tech on the other hand will be more concerned about the performance algorithms concentrating more towards a better seek time of response on any application under use.

btw: its hard to type Kindle, my reflexes made me type Kindly several times

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

She never comes in time...

....n always leave before she is supposed to. Given no option I have to step out of the bed at times... look for my flip flops in dark. What else can I do; helpless. Wishing I had a joint/bong at hands at this hour. I lit the same old cigarette and rummage through the contents of my fridge to find something to drink... alas the inventory ditch me too. I stand there in the patio shivering n cracking on that beer which I never kept in the fridge with rage n random thoughts flowing in the narrow alleys of my head. Do I need another jacket, how about shaving my head off, anyways I am never going to eat at the Chinese place again? I light up another cigarette and NewsWeek has Sarah Palin's coverage again in the third consecutive print.

Still waiting tapping feet... Ahh here you come
sweet SLEEP... i really craved for you. GoodNyte all

Saturday, September 20, 2008

A webmaster Most Wanted...

REWARD: $20 for the person who'd slap the webmaster of Staples 20 times and a reward of another $40 for the person who will kick the hiring manager of this webmaster 40 times.

Proof required. Accepted formats mpg n avi. Reward can be pro-rated after evaluation.

Now if you are wondering why I am super pissed... I think I just analysed the error message too closely. Almost every line has a flaw in it.

IE4 is no more shipped and Microsoft has already released IE8 ages back ("before chrome"). The argument from the webmaster is that "...this is due to the advanced features used in the product customization process". Bastard I very well understand your advanced features that you need the most cutting edge technology available out there called IE (in the era of firefox, opera, chrome) and your backward compatibility is as remarkable as Intel(still supporting 8086).

I hope to commit my transaction with you using Windows95 with IE4. With all due respect; another reason for me storming is the 'if else' condition provided by the webmaster for the reason I see this page "....if using IE4 or higher and still...... there may have been an error. Please inform webmaster"

P.S.: Staples is a popular online retailer for office/desk related supplies.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Pain in the Butt... finally resolved

Security on internet has always been a concern since day one. Remebering passwords is another pain. I used several password managers but was always insecure about the security of my privacy, banking, e-mails, profiles, etc etc. Verisign is a very trusted resource and I am glad that they finally came up with PIP (Personal Identity Portal). Any online retailer or banking istitution if verisign certified is convincing to me. 

Just like google became a synonym for search over the web so did verisign for security n trust.

PIP is a single signin solution supporting the OpenId and direct sign to supported urls. Well atleast for me it was of great use as all the vendors, retailers, and banking institutions I visit are supported by them. For site not suporting open id username n pwd fields are auto populated.

Have you heard of bookmarklet (differs from bookmarks). GChrome, googles new browser uses it and signing into them is supported by PIP too.
I am in a habit of using my cellphone a lot on the fly for transactions but neither Windows Mobile6 nor the i-Phone (may come soon in future) support is available till date. But then thats not a necessity thts just luxury i can demand for.

So far I have been loving it and I am very convinced with the product. 

DarkerSide: What if the PIP password is compromised :) alls gone. Well my solution is I use omni pass a finger print reader to auto populate verisign for me. And my finger print reader saves 2 different prints and I can use either bird to scan incase of injury.

Monday, September 15, 2008

...a Seattlelite drizzels's

yeah its true that I have not jazzed up for an evening in a while... no more formal pants, ironed shirts, polished shoes, gel glued wet look hair, wrist watch for me. 
The joke pretty much is true in Seattle; To know that a Seattlite is pimped up for an evenin is casual shoes, northface fleece.

I think I am loving the NW. Its so casual n simple that I land up in my favourite pubs at times in shorts n sneakers tht too right after the gym without being an odd one out. The max I do at times is to put on my corduroy blazer, a non-wash look jeans and a casual cotton shirt and the same old casual shoes.

It’s a well-observed fact that Seattlites love to dress casually. My frenz visiting me from east coast have been amused to see this and I proudly call it the NW Looks. Seattle is pretty infamous for rains (it rains everyday for 9 mnths) but the answer to the question "why Seattle?" is always the ocean and the mountains. People here simply love outdoor activities and never mind rains. They sail, they hike, they camp, they surf... they do anything that an athlete would do. Not only Seattle is the rain city, but it also is the bike capitol of NW. Seattlites love to cycle.

The work culture here is different from anywhere else. The unbelievable part is that I keep liqor at my desk and can drink any time I feel like. The 'F' word is loved in the meetings to refer to crap under discussion. Fridays 3pm means beer and Xbox times. Dress code, yeah there sure is one: today I was at work in flipflops and gymshorts. All this doesnt mean that people dont work here :). Some small flagship HQ's here are Microsoft, Amazon, T-Mobile, Expedia, REI, Starbucks, Zillow. Yup the second silicon valley if exists it exists in Seattle. 

....leaving my old jalopy, by the railroad track 
I'll get a hip, double dip, americano and will drive the TC down the track... honk honk whistle whistle

btw I hated d ~2 yrs spend in  Tx

Sunday, September 14, 2008

"White Collar... defining Idiot"

I simply love to see how people’s views may float or differ on small things and a naïve discussion can grow into an exponential argument and a volley of views. 
Anyways so the other day someone posts on an e-mail alias that :

'Idiot' is a grossly misused word and an oversimplified epithet, if one goes by the Supreme Court's (India) brand new definition of the term.
To be legally accepted as an 'idiot', one has to be so dumb as to be unable to count till 20, list the days of the week, or fail to remember the names of one's parents, the Court said on Friday.
"An idiot is one who is of non-sane memory from his birth, by a perpetual infirmity, without lucid intervals: and those are said to be idiots who cannot count 20, or tell the days of the week or who do not know their fathers or mothers or the like," said the judgement by Justices Arijit Pasayat and M K Sharma.” - Source
……..and this kindled a pen of many people and the discussion goes as…..

Is it clear that there is an "OR" between all the three conditions ?
I still feel its a flawed definition.
1. If you cant count till 20, you are poor in mathematics and not idiot.
2. If you cannot list the days in a week, you have weak memory and not necessary an idiot.
3. Fail to remember parents name - Again memory, or maybe no parents or maybe parents left in childhood. So what if the person genuinely doesnt know his/her parents name .. not idiot isnt it.
" I would say an idiot is someone who can count till 20, but cannot count from 100 to 120 as simple as that. " (said by me - i am not a judge though)
The offensiveness of idiot calling is something that needs to be defined. Like if my parents call me idiot, its ok, but if some outsider calls me idiot i will be offended by it, since my parents know me well to call me that :) I mean its really good for "idiot" to have been grossly misused, now an idiot could be someone who doesnt know who an idiot is.

I think:
An idiot is someone who keeps on making same or similar mistakes again and again and doesn’t learn. A common voter is known to fit this definition more often than not :)

Good, but the problem there is defining "Common Voter".
A few more defintions , "idiocracy" is the process of being an idiot. I think the problem is that idocracy is considered relative in our society, so if a bigger idiot calls be idiot i get angry. So to resolve all this we should have a common "non elected" body that scales idiots (possibly  via a sort of Idiotness Aptitude Test)  and there should be a sort of CGPA kind of thing, there. So along with our merit scores we should have idiocracy scores too. That would reduce confusion. After all a good mix of genious and idiotness is necessary for sucess as the idiot in you makes you take risks. :)
Now i am feeling stupid and i cant define that.

Actually, idiocracy is a stupid/funny movie. 

My say:  I love the company of white collar... they have an argument, a logic for everything and love to discuss...but I cant even deny Jimi Hendrix's say either  White collar conservative flashin down the street, pointing that plastic finger at me, they all assume my kind will drop and die, but I'm gonna wave my freak flag high.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Round Meat & Rectangular Bread

Yesterday evening I decided to grab a deli sandwich from WholeFoods while going home and bummed into a person who seemed really baffled in making his pick for the sandwich.

AgentA: Wass goin on... lots of choices leaving u confused
Stranger: No my problem is m trying to figure out why the bread is rectangular and meat is round.
AgentA: Its a curse... which we have to serve for Adam Eve's sin
Stranger: huh..
AgentA: For their sin God cursed mankind that from now on "whenever you make a sandwich you will get few bites of nothing but bread on the corners; Bread shalt be rectangular and Meat shalt be round."
Have a wonderful dinner... bye

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Just a thought...

... why is it never an engaged (busy) tone when I dial a wrong number...!!! it always rings and its always answered.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Yes Yes Yes I am grumpy...

Anyways, woke up; its rainin... gettin ready; out of shavin cream... kitchen cabinet; out of coffee... lookin for socks; all in laundry bag... at door steps; couldn't find my cigarettes... checked the cellphone; out of battery as I forgot to charge it(charger at work) and Wifi, bluetooth was on all night...

Anyways, I am out now and I hit the road... WTF the first signal on my way is red and this means all others throughout my way are goin to be red (they are timed)... half way through; roadblock... Damn this my Zune is out of sync all music expired

Anyways, forget it am at work now... inbox damn this; 7 unread e-mails all end with a question mark... trying to reply and this piece of shit is poping up restart now restart later... BASTARDS why do you have to send me windows updates every fuckin day... (dnt tell me to turn them off it takes 5 clicks)

Anyways, I step out for a coffee and I never imagined that someone could screw up my regular Americano and this new chef did... n i hate sorry when it comes with that innocent smile; DAMN her.

Anyways, back at my desk; machine restarted... coffee trashed... trying to work and here comes the meeting reminder... conference hall siting and waitin and the ofshore representative is late... S-of-a-B

Anyways, lunch hour I decide to work instead of eat and wat comes next... karmalab is down cant build anythin tappin my feet and i continue replyin e-mails

Anyways, evening... status updates... NEWS? change in schedule, resource crunch, feature request... BullShit I aint no ass gimme a break

Anyways, EOD gatherin my stuff walked to the car and drove to the gym.... gym garage what a moron I am forgot to carry my gym bag; time to go and eat somehwere...

Anyways, stopped at J J Mahoney's (my fav place, n i want to have a light moment). Grilled Salmon; "Sorry We r out of it sir"; Walnut green salad; " We r out of walnuts sir"; can I get a Guinness and french fries; "Sure u can"...... fuggers y dnt u freakin keep ur inventory up n runnin

Home sweet home... Fuck Fuck Fuck forgot to buy cigarettes, coffee n damn I left the phone charger at work.

Yes I am Grumpy n I have a Fugged up mood.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tickles from Seattle - 3

Udupi Palace the worst of all restaurants one can land to. Highly Non-recommended

Again the answer to the Question; Where shall we go to dinner is "There" and the driver is supposed to stop the car at Udupi for this absurd redundant answer. Anyways so we land up in Udupi once in a while.

Waiter: Are you ready?
since we are here lets order something and will go somwhere else this place is hopeless
Waiter: Tapping his feet... Are u ready sir?
lets order Pav Bhaji its funny they serve it with hot dog buns...its hilarious
Waiter: expression changes gives Agent A with a cold look
Agent A: Am I wrong, you always serve it with Hot Dog buns
Waiter: Yes Sir, we do
Agent A: I knew it lets order one pav bhaji n will go somwhere else

PS: Its bizarre to serve this dish with HotDog buns... it should be served with Hamburger buns

VIBGYOR -- Do Re Me Fa

Colors, music and fragrances are three elements that influence me a lot; to the extent that I can say that they drive me at times. Nostalgia is another such element but I believe that it exists somewhere in parallel to a lot of other things or rather is intertwined with most of the things and hence detailed dwelling into nostalgia needs a separate discussions altogether.

So I was saying that the music and colors are basically frequencies of sound and light. Now I recall all those media players’ visualizations showing music on spectrum in different colors. It naturally comes to us red being intense high base high treble white yellow feeble, n lower tones.

I wonder if the two things can be integrated i.e. you see a spectrum and think of the tune (that is how the optical fiber communication takes place, more of less) or rather more interestingly think of colors when you listen to a piece of music. High pitch means violet and high bass for red… wow! And I am not talking about those visualizations again; use your imagination if you can.

Moving on to the fragrances, I wonder if we can extend the above phenomenon to it. And more I think about it, more I feel puzzled, confused, startled and puzzled again. I don’t know anything about the science of fragrances or olfactics (“study of sense of smell” as they call it) but I doubt that smell can be classified like colors and music. Can smell have the frequencies?

Notes to sound and colors to light... just clicked me configurin my equalizers color settings.
Now wondering why smilies are yellow

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tickles from Seattle - 2

This is part 2 of some basic rules among a bunch of nerds.

Any thing you say starting with

- may be
- i think
- in my opinion

is subjected to be overruled. Give AXIOMS and no one will question regardless of its authenticity.

"You can now buy land underwater... and shrimps are endangered species"
Anyone asks you direction; never say left or right, straight or reverse. There are just two ways

"this way and that way"

Let the driver figure out him/herself

...wake up

Blogspots editing sucks...!!!!

I can code html... infact i really dnt need to when there are 100's of opensource available out there. I have my own parser of xml and a tool writing widgets and my team has together developed a plugin for eclipse to write html code.

All above solutions are hackday projects n then whats the idea... invest effort today, save effort tomorrow.

When blogger has this compose tab and some very basic features of drag drop and frame alignments sucks then i think its simply useless. Wordpress anytime is better then blogger, but with this google tag they have been minting.

I thought of reporting some small bugs to google groups as these are very active forums and google watches them closely but then m just too lazy and i have the soltuion.

Anyways, some markers:

  • Preview sucks.. its not the same as actual
  • Blockquote sucks it just spoils the font size of following text
  • Picture add n then realignment can be anytime better
  • Sharing the toolbar of google documents with blogger will help your own team (reusablity)
  • who cares for your spell check when browser has its own feature
  • We all know IE sucks but webdev is not successful if a post gets fucked up in ie just because of html editing
  • taking over startups with great ideas doesn't mean that you are awesome...!!!

...and another one (might) bites the dust

Pandora a place where 99% of its employees at some or the other time worked as musician, a place where atleast 50 musicians listen to new songs everyday... who observe every note,tone, tempo of the track along with the artists voice... a place where meticulous work is put in for a passion today gives a statement stating

...that they’d likely shut down rather than continue to pay exorbitant fees to play music to listeners of its massively popular service.
M blown out...

It was this Saturday that Jamin had this brilliant idea, of sharing user profiles from pandora with Zune MarketPlace and itunes so that they can have recommendations for subscribers to download or buy similar playlists...

I don't know, the industry's been really volatile n unpredictable lately.