Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Generosity comes from Selfishness...?

The word selfish/selfishness raises alarm(question) in our mind. When we hear the word selfishness what do we think? What kind of picture comes to our mind of a person who is selfish?
This word has negative connotations on us, negative impact of ones personality.

Second aspect; where do we think this negativity came from? Did someone in our life tell us that it was wrong to be selfish? Are we punished when others perceived our behavior as being selfish?

Let’s forget generosity for a moment and take a look at selfishness; caring enough about ones own self to get your needs met is selfishness.

WOW yet another question from the definition. Do we have any idea what our needs are? I believe this is a key issue. If we do not know what we need to be happy, we cnt get our needs met. This is an important concept and the only way to find this out is to take the time to check in with ourselves and see if we are happy with the way our life is. "Now probably ones way to be happy is feeling gud or content after helping someone.... if you r happy u just pass it on n it just reflects back"; Wonderful statement worth appreciating and totally agreeable to me.

Lets take what i said earlier trivially. Being happy is something what we do for our own self... anything for ones own selves meet ones need... anything for ones own self we term as selfishness. So again generosity comes from selfishness.

Mother milks her child is that generosity or selfishness... I think that can also be perceived in many ways. Mother being generous to her child and being selfish that her child this way will be healthy or may be its her duty and cannot be measured in terms of selfishness or generosity. I don't know... I ain't no saint.

I still think both are really two sides of one coin... the value of a coin comes from the number side(tails) similarly generosity comes from selfishness.


pooja said...


Well,..I don't know... I ain't no saint's daughter either.....

But i know one thing....its hard to be unselfish....and one has to accept it.

Gaurav said...

Selflishness has reached to SelfLove and i think thats a good feeling

Jeena said...

No matter how Generous you are, you are still selfish b/c everything good you do you will feel good and that feeling is selfishness!

I just ate the best cookie ever...