Wednesday, March 12, 2008

...just another manic weekday

its late... m exhausted... i have been at work for 14 freakin hours and here I am resting my ass on the couch. M so tired that I don't even want to walk to my room to sleep. I am sitting here surfing nothing... TV is on but its mute... I have my headphones on and I am not able to catch the singer or lyrics from my own playlist. I wanted to blog something which has been there at the back of my mind for a while... but i don't want to pen about it now. I am so lost.

I think its more or less because I haven't stepped out for three consecutive weekends for outing. This university shit along with a fulltime job is keeping me too busy to think of something weired. I am going to treat myself this weekend.
"I am going to binge and dance. No TV No Surfing No shower No shaving No sleep for this Sat."


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Jeena said...

You're such a dirty person! I always knew it! All that Daaru and Cigs is messing up your life! You should be like me!