Thursday, April 17, 2008

to be or not to be....: That is the question

When people start conversing about their introspects I usually come across same kind of fears thoughts views in most of them. Ofcourse there are some placeholders which keep switching, like the profession choice may vary or future plans may be different but some how or the other I find them pretty much around the same corner…

So here I am just making an attempt to jot a sub-set of the parent set. Try to deduce an intersection of your own to be or not to bes' out of this set and your own parent set.

Is it ok for me to quit job and pursue an advanced degree? Does this make sense to stay away from money for another two yrs and spend on studies? Will that degree really count towards my profile?

Shall I quit this job and start business? They say I am good at xyz shall I have my own org if I am so good at it? Is it the right time to switch jobs? I got my degree I worked for a couple of years is this the right time to go back home? Shall I bring my folks here and settle in this strange place? Will I be able to save a lot onsite?

Arrange marriage? Love marriage? Is this the right time to get married? Shall I agree to my folks on this matter or listen to my own heart? They say some day you’ll find love when will I find mine? Do I need kids? Shall I quit job as I am married now? Should I give this guy one last chance like he asks me to? Will he change for the better or will we be back at square one in a couple of months? If he does manage to change for me, would I feel guilty that I made him change? Will I regret it if I move on?

Am I sure of what I want in life? Why don't I care that I don't have a clear plan for my future? When will I get serious towards life will I ever be serious towards life? Shall I start enjoying materialistic avenues of life or shall I save at this point?

………..blah blah blue blue

to be or not to be....: that is the question


Harshita said...

lolz...I cant believe it...we are talking about the same thing...I am confused.. :)So are you..

Nidhi said...

OMG . . So many questions. Follow your heart. Do wat you feel like you won't regret. You are grown up enough to take decisions yourself. And about finding love wait for the right time. Now its time to go wit studies. And if you won't be able to find your love yourself parents hai na. They'll be happy to choose a girl for you. Don't worry. You'll be able to see things clearly in coming days. Fingers crossed.