Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Feminism... Do you know what it is?

Feminism: an advocacy of social equality for men and women, in opposition to patriarchy and sexism.


Liberal feminism accepts the basic organization of society, but seeks the same rights and opportunities for women and men.

Socialist feminism supports the reforms of liberal feminism, but believes its goals can be gained only through the elimination of the capitalist economy.

Radical feminism advocates the elimination of patriarchy altogether by organizing a gender-free society.

Unfortunately most of the females in the world think that they are feminists and should do anything to promote females. C’mon if you think you stand equal with men, you'll get what you desrve but why to promote one’s election campaign stating that we need a female president… lolzz ain’t it hilarious.

Another bunch calls themselves feminist in a conversation when it comes to loyalty… as per them they are feminist because they believe that all men are bastards. Dudette, u gotta know that you are not a feminist, thats just a view and don’t support yourself saying you are a feminist.

Ladies first, Ladies seat, Ladies queue… fuck you. You violate it n they are all up your ass because “they” think they are feminist grgrgrrrrrrr… what happened to equal rights and equal opportunities. Weaker sex my ass… my physical trainer who is supposed to be the weaker sex can kick my butt anytime when it comes to running… n I love the fact that she gets pissed when I call her the weaker sex.

Feminism: I agree to the definition and NOW I know what feminism means… all you lovely ladies out there need to re-iterate it who thinks they are feminists just because they think that men are bastards or a country needs a female leader.

The Basic Feminist Ideas:

  • The Importance Of Change: Feminist thinking is decidedly political. They think ideas to action. It is critical of a status quo and advocates change toward social equality for women and men.
  • Expanding Human Choice: Feminists maintain that cultural conceptions of gender divide the full range of human qualities into two opposing and limited spheres: the female world of emotions and cooperation and the male world of rationality and competition. As an alternative, feminists propose a “reintegration of humanity” by which each person develops all human traits (French, 1985).
  • Eliminating Gender Stratification: Feminism opposes laws and cultural norms thatUnited States or any other State on account of sex.” The ERA, first proposed in Congress in 1923, has support of two-thirds of U.S. adults (NORC, 2001:267). Even so, it has yet to become law, which probably reflects the fact that most of the men who dominate state legislatures oppose the amendment. limit education, income, and job opportunities of women. For this reason, feminists advocate passage of the Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) to the U.S. Constitution, which states, “Equality of rights under the law shall not be denied or abridged by the
  • Ending Sexual Violence: Today’s women’s movement seeks to eliminate sexual violence. Feminists argue that patriarchy distorts the relationships between men and women, encouraging violence against women in form of rape, domestic abuse, sexual harassment, and pornography (Millet, 1970; Bernard, 1982, orig. 1973; Dworkin, 1987).
  • Promoting Sexual Freedom: Feminism supports women’s control over their sexuality and reproduction. They support the free availability of birth control information. Most feminists also support a woman’s right to choose whether to bear a child or terminate a pregnancy, rather than allowing men - as husbands, physicians, and legislators - to control their reproduction. Many feminists also support homosexuals’ efforts to overcome the many barriers they face in predominantly heterosexual culture (Deckard, 1979; Barry, 1983; Jagger, 1983).


zirelda said...

mmm, interesting post. I don't know if I'm feminist or not even though I'm female. I do know that I'm not about to allow anyone to control my life so maybe I am.

We have come a long way since we were regarded as property. At least in the US. What I read about other areas it seems maybe not so much.

I often wonder if male control is more about keeping the "weaker sex" in line. Actually I'm sure it is. My boss is female and has an IQ off the charts. Incredible woman.

What bothers me most I think is the actuality of me working a full time job and two part time jobs and when I was married my ex thinking that it was still my job to take complete care of the house and kid even though he wouldn't work. It increased my work load by a ton though he said I just got what I asked for. Ha!

Nidhi said...

hey did u write urself all tht.. the basic feminist concept??
i could tell u wht happened to me off screen.. i tried adding u yahoo but then there was some prob.
i generally dwnload tutorials from its good
just that my photoshop version is nt updated so in many steps i get stuck up..
any ways thanks for the comments.

Abhinav Agrawal said...

@Nidhi : No i didn't I was pissed at some one who preaches feminism and tried to learn and know what feminism is. The basic concepts are documented in books and they are almost the same wordings that I used. Its nothing of my own was just a hackday study to know what it is...

Nidhi said...

haha.. like that.. but good atleast you got to learn.

Nidhi said...

check ur hotmail.. have maild u