Saturday, June 28, 2008

"Flip the Switch..."

…a tiring day… 3 drinks of Johnny Walker… delicious Tom yum noodle soup… a cuban cigar another Johnny Walker… take a piss

from where the hell do I remember that sophomore year discussing the “light n dark and flip the switch theory”.

All the jerks had control of their reins yet whipping their life visionless, trying to discover the truth and trying to be philosophers. It always ended up with the discussion of existence of God. I played the atheist every time and ended up contradicting myself… some of them were self-professed warlocks and there was this one man who knew every mythology, every sacred read n every ancient story back n forth... yet not convincing.

A lot of people were amused to grasp me that I claimed so loudly and questioned the existence of God… It was hard for some to hear me denouncing the God and then contradicting that there is some power that drives one… several attempts to pin me down were made but then at some point the warlock and the oracle contradicted themselves too.

Whatever you believe in is just right as far as it works for you. It’s like the light switch, it's right in front of us. Light is turned on for us. But where’s the switch, is there a way to discover it and turn it off. Turn off the lights, flip the switch live in darkness (against ur belief)… its good to know the other side… its harmless to live another facet… another dimension. But then some of us are aware of this switch but simply refuse to flip it.

Its not about God its about a lot other questions; tomorrow never dies or tomorrow never comes… opportunity knock once or there's always an opportunity… you screw life or life screws you… its your destiny or you write your own destiny…

Flip the switch live in darkness… Flip the switch live in light


zirelda said...

It's all semantics and choices isn't it? It's much easier on the mind to choose to believe in a higher power. I'd hate to think I'm in charge. Nice to know there is someone guiding and there really is some reason to this madness.

Harshita Kamal Mehta said...

God exists or doesnt?? This debate has almost been done to death now...I'd like to believe that someone is thr who can actually make things go right when it all seems gloomy...It makes me feel a lil more secure and blessed in a manner...thr were times when I was taken aback with the miraculous nature of the world...but then I knew they gave it a name...they call him Almighty and they call it his power...
I wud love to stay in this illusion (as the flip-the-switch-theory says)...maybe coz it makes me feel convenient...I mean I have someone to blame if it all goes wrong someday :)
I knw thr is a Mr.Fix-it somewhere who answers prayers...that may be just the universe which according to "The Alchemist" conspires when u dare to dream and work towards that dream...God has been explained with many theories,stories and experiences...but I wud not like to back it up...I wud just say, I feel safe and less-burdened...coz He will take care when I cant.... :)

Gaurav said...

somebody takes care of me in all trouble, don't know who is He?Amighty?