Friday, July 25, 2008

I found mine...

I was never a cocktail/mocktail fan... n always restrained myself from trying one. My analogy till date is asking for ketchup with a gourmet food is offending the chef and mixing a juice to your drink is mocking your drink. McCormick n Shimmicks was the best dinner in past couple of months I had. Great seafood and an amazing drink. The Old fashioned Whiskey Cocktail that I had was a very unique and authentic just my kind.
Jager is out n Patron is in
Meyers is out n Captian is in
Vox is out n Bourbon is in
Bottle is out n Decanter is in
Stem is out n crystal is in

Old Fashioned Whiskey Cocktail - Elixir in Crystal

"You don't need to add any soda for my sake, I'd find it perfectly fine as it is". my most amiable n naive statement when it comes to respect towards my drink. I need sweet i'll drink juice... i need alcohol I'll drink liquor. But Old Fashioned was something different. When they say old yeah its old 1895. I read a couple of articles on this and found that today this legendary drink is fatally flawed by every modern bartender. Apparently the modern popular variation amounts to a whiskey spritzer, just about equal parts liquor and soda, and by the accounts on those pages is pretty awful. The Old Fashioned is rocks bourbon whiskey(Gentleman's Jack), sweetened, and a twist. I am a great fan of simple drinks I love them on the rocks. That natural flavor and a fragrance of ethanol well aged and mixed with caramel n sweetened aroma right out of the cask... the Old Fashioned is exactly that kind of simple, classic, and as unadulterated as possible drink and yet a cocktail. One word Awesome.

* 1/2 orange slice
* 1 cube sugar
* 2 dashes Angostura bitters
* 2 ounces rye or bourbon whiskey
Fill your crystal with ice stir till sugar disolves... pour it in n garnish with an orange slice... stick in a stirer lit a cigar put on your hat... let the FLOYD's role take a sip


zirelda said...

That sounds good. I enjoy mixed drinks especially my margaritas.

aditya said...

arre baap aap toh bade blogger nikale???
keep the gud stuff

pooja said...

haah..ha..thts a pretty good blog...and thw way u described ur taste was just delicious..!!!1
.....i can't say if i can try tht..coz.its alcohol....but yes i felt like trying it.......:)

Bharat said...

hehehe....dunno...not a big fan of hard liquor bt seems like ..yeah if u wanna drink thn either juice or whiskey...lolzz...thts y i like beer on the rocks..lolzz.."lit a cigar put on your hat... let the FLOYD's "roll" take a "puff"...!!!

Harshita Kamal Mehta said...

This post smells all

I am not into alcohol but yeah!I love reading abt different kinds of wines and also mocktails n blends...coz they help me in our punjabi coktail parties... ;)

Will use up this one too...

Miss ur posts yaar... Seems u r too busy these days!!