Thursday, August 28, 2008


Yes Yes Yes I am grumpy...

Anyways, woke up; its rainin... gettin ready; out of shavin cream... kitchen cabinet; out of coffee... lookin for socks; all in laundry bag... at door steps; couldn't find my cigarettes... checked the cellphone; out of battery as I forgot to charge it(charger at work) and Wifi, bluetooth was on all night...

Anyways, I am out now and I hit the road... WTF the first signal on my way is red and this means all others throughout my way are goin to be red (they are timed)... half way through; roadblock... Damn this my Zune is out of sync all music expired

Anyways, forget it am at work now... inbox damn this; 7 unread e-mails all end with a question mark... trying to reply and this piece of shit is poping up restart now restart later... BASTARDS why do you have to send me windows updates every fuckin day... (dnt tell me to turn them off it takes 5 clicks)

Anyways, I step out for a coffee and I never imagined that someone could screw up my regular Americano and this new chef did... n i hate sorry when it comes with that innocent smile; DAMN her.

Anyways, back at my desk; machine restarted... coffee trashed... trying to work and here comes the meeting reminder... conference hall siting and waitin and the ofshore representative is late... S-of-a-B

Anyways, lunch hour I decide to work instead of eat and wat comes next... karmalab is down cant build anythin tappin my feet and i continue replyin e-mails

Anyways, evening... status updates... NEWS? change in schedule, resource crunch, feature request... BullShit I aint no ass gimme a break

Anyways, EOD gatherin my stuff walked to the car and drove to the gym.... gym garage what a moron I am forgot to carry my gym bag; time to go and eat somehwere...

Anyways, stopped at J J Mahoney's (my fav place, n i want to have a light moment). Grilled Salmon; "Sorry We r out of it sir"; Walnut green salad; " We r out of walnuts sir"; can I get a Guinness and french fries; "Sure u can"...... fuggers y dnt u freakin keep ur inventory up n runnin

Home sweet home... Fuck Fuck Fuck forgot to buy cigarettes, coffee n damn I left the phone charger at work.

Yes I am Grumpy n I have a Fugged up mood.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tickles from Seattle - 3

Udupi Palace the worst of all restaurants one can land to. Highly Non-recommended

Again the answer to the Question; Where shall we go to dinner is "There" and the driver is supposed to stop the car at Udupi for this absurd redundant answer. Anyways so we land up in Udupi once in a while.

Waiter: Are you ready?
since we are here lets order something and will go somwhere else this place is hopeless
Waiter: Tapping his feet... Are u ready sir?
lets order Pav Bhaji its funny they serve it with hot dog buns...its hilarious
Waiter: expression changes gives Agent A with a cold look
Agent A: Am I wrong, you always serve it with Hot Dog buns
Waiter: Yes Sir, we do
Agent A: I knew it lets order one pav bhaji n will go somwhere else

PS: Its bizarre to serve this dish with HotDog buns... it should be served with Hamburger buns

VIBGYOR -- Do Re Me Fa

Colors, music and fragrances are three elements that influence me a lot; to the extent that I can say that they drive me at times. Nostalgia is another such element but I believe that it exists somewhere in parallel to a lot of other things or rather is intertwined with most of the things and hence detailed dwelling into nostalgia needs a separate discussions altogether.

So I was saying that the music and colors are basically frequencies of sound and light. Now I recall all those media players’ visualizations showing music on spectrum in different colors. It naturally comes to us red being intense high base high treble white yellow feeble, n lower tones.

I wonder if the two things can be integrated i.e. you see a spectrum and think of the tune (that is how the optical fiber communication takes place, more of less) or rather more interestingly think of colors when you listen to a piece of music. High pitch means violet and high bass for red… wow! And I am not talking about those visualizations again; use your imagination if you can.

Moving on to the fragrances, I wonder if we can extend the above phenomenon to it. And more I think about it, more I feel puzzled, confused, startled and puzzled again. I don’t know anything about the science of fragrances or olfactics (“study of sense of smell” as they call it) but I doubt that smell can be classified like colors and music. Can smell have the frequencies?

Notes to sound and colors to light... just clicked me configurin my equalizers color settings.
Now wondering why smilies are yellow

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tickles from Seattle - 2

This is part 2 of some basic rules among a bunch of nerds.

Any thing you say starting with

- may be
- i think
- in my opinion

is subjected to be overruled. Give AXIOMS and no one will question regardless of its authenticity.

"You can now buy land underwater... and shrimps are endangered species"
Anyone asks you direction; never say left or right, straight or reverse. There are just two ways

"this way and that way"

Let the driver figure out him/herself

...wake up

Blogspots editing sucks...!!!!

I can code html... infact i really dnt need to when there are 100's of opensource available out there. I have my own parser of xml and a tool writing widgets and my team has together developed a plugin for eclipse to write html code.

All above solutions are hackday projects n then whats the idea... invest effort today, save effort tomorrow.

When blogger has this compose tab and some very basic features of drag drop and frame alignments sucks then i think its simply useless. Wordpress anytime is better then blogger, but with this google tag they have been minting.

I thought of reporting some small bugs to google groups as these are very active forums and google watches them closely but then m just too lazy and i have the soltuion.

Anyways, some markers:

  • Preview sucks.. its not the same as actual
  • Blockquote sucks it just spoils the font size of following text
  • Picture add n then realignment can be anytime better
  • Sharing the toolbar of google documents with blogger will help your own team (reusablity)
  • who cares for your spell check when browser has its own feature
  • We all know IE sucks but webdev is not successful if a post gets fucked up in ie just because of html editing
  • taking over startups with great ideas doesn't mean that you are awesome...!!!

...and another one (might) bites the dust

Pandora a place where 99% of its employees at some or the other time worked as musician, a place where atleast 50 musicians listen to new songs everyday... who observe every note,tone, tempo of the track along with the artists voice... a place where meticulous work is put in for a passion today gives a statement stating

...that they’d likely shut down rather than continue to pay exorbitant fees to play music to listeners of its massively popular service.
M blown out...

It was this Saturday that Jamin had this brilliant idea, of sharing user profiles from pandora with Zune MarketPlace and itunes so that they can have recommendations for subscribers to download or buy similar playlists...

I don't know, the industry's been really volatile n unpredictable lately.

Tickles from Seattle - 1

I am starting this as there a lot of small things which I want to remember, look back and laugh my ass out...

Stepping out after dinner from Kanishka, some other customer of the restaurant stops my friend:

Guest: Are you open..?
Samir: Sorry we are closed

Guests turns back and leaves and we laughed for hours....

Thursday, August 14, 2008

...Meatlovers Paradise

The Lunchbox Laboratory

My love for trying all meats in the world took me to LunchBox Laboratory. Before you go to this place you have to keep in mind some To Do's and some Not To Do's

Do skip a meal before you visit this place
Make sure you have got all your work Done
Be in a casual mood
Do tag a friend along to witness
Do keep an antacid in your pocket.

Don't s
DO NOT think of working after this
Do not plan a formal dinner or expect sophistication
Do not go in formal attire...
Aha... DONT even think of Calories... you might have a heart stroke
DON'T you think of this place if you aren't a meat lover... chicken/turkey is hard to find.

Hope you dnt mind red meat. Now before I start... the place looks wacky, but its wacky because the owner wanted it to be. The neighborhood isn't great, but the food is exceptional. You will be greeted by a lady with some great tattoos, a BBW calling you Hun and warning u:

"HUN...hope u not expecting your burger in 10mins its a lab it takes time."

So anyways, they have a list of daily experiment burgers and then you have an option to experiment yourself, with some great seasoning and great dressings. They call them wacky dressing and wacky seasoning as they sound like that. My picks were: bacon sea salt n pepper seasoning and jalapeño redwine ranch as dressing. Ain't it wacky, i could have never imagined bacon in seasoning and jalapeño in dressing... but they taste awesome. Their menu n meat changes everyday... beef, buffalo, DORK(pork+duck), Elk, WildBoar, Pork, LAMB, GOAT, MOOSE. Yeah some of the wackiest meat is experimented in LunchBox Lab., you might be lucky some times to find some traditional fish at times... but again its completely dependent on the mood of the chef experimenting in Lab for the meats of the day.

I had DORK n Wild Boar (half each with my friend) burger with some skiny potato fries with wacky seasoning and a Nutella(choc+hazel nut) shake. $20 meal done for the day...

My mistake I came back to work, my productivity -100%. Reason: 1). m too full to work 2). I told story about the place to everyone and didn't let others work either. You cant step out of that place without trying their shakes... forget about your appetite/diet just sip it once and you are going to finish it.

.....7 hrs since lunch.. Belch Belch

Monday, August 11, 2008

...a brand new online radio

How great it would be if there existed a website which had the ability of adaptive learning and could play the music you like, the genere you enjoy, the artists you admire and you don't even have to create a playlist. The good NEWS is PANDORA exists and the bad NEWS is its available only for the traffic coming to it from US.

Pandora is the outcome of the research project called the Music Genome Project. If given a chance I'd rank it as the best research project of the mellenium. Pandora is an online radio or an automated music player. The reserachers of this project say they wanted to "capture the essence of music at the fundamental level". They don't have a dynamic algorithm that samples music and attaches musical attributes to it. Instead, what they have done is gone through millions of songs and analyzed the musical qualities of each song and bucketed them based on their musical attributes - these attributes were assembled by the folks at MGP and number in the hundreds including attributes that relate to melody, harmony, rhythm, instrumentation, orchestration, arrangment, lyrics and vocals. This way, they are able to categorize individual songs and not just artists.

The idea is you create a station based on the artist or a song or a genere of your choice. There is no guarantee that the track will be the same the you asked for but based on the above attributes they will parse it and play the song. Its probablitic that you might not like it 'en you can mark it as thumbsdown and the track will be skipped. If you like the track thumbs up to it. Gradually in a day or two create new stations keep thumbsup n thumbdowning them and a the 3rd day Pandora plays magically the tracks you like. Another advantage is that you learn technically wat kind of music you like and you are intorduced to new artists too. You are just a click far away from knowing why Pandora played the current track.

So now I am more learned and i know what i like.
As per pandora it says
"...we're playin this track because it features art rock roots, a subtle use f vocal harmony, electric guitar wall-o-sound, extensive vamping, repetitive melodic phrasing and demanding instrumental part writing.."

My current station line up is a QuickMix of: Stairway to Heaven, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Night Crawler, 3 doors down, AC/DC, Jimi Hendrix, Soldier of Fortune, Jim Morrison, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Deep purple, Braking Benjamin

My Bot plays wat i love ...

Monday, August 04, 2008

Idea stolen...

This is what I call innovation in Web. Damn it they stole my idea (though I never shared it). You all might have used Wikipedia now and then and I rate it as the best resource to gather info. An online biggest encyclopedia which grows everyday. Infact today the most relevant source link provided for your search string is usually Wikipedia..

Naah this wasn't my idea. My idea was an inspiration from Wikipedia and someone already implemented it. :( Chickipedia. Yup this is the most informative website to know about hot girls. I am really impressed by this website. I will give you small navigational map of this website here but you have to visit it to taste the flavor of innovation.

So Chickipedia categorize the girls as TV Film Music Sports Fashion Politics Business Misc. Their DB is pretty small but I think it will grow eventually just like Wikipedia, as it allows users to add chicks to it. The data provided for these chicks is pretty accurate too.

When you search for a chick you find her picture along with her bio data (ofcourse figure inclusive). They provide you the data like: Chicks she's worked with, Dude's she has worked with, Stuff she's done(movies, album's etc), her photo's videos, buzz(NEWS) about her, etc etc.

My favorite feature for this website is the feature to find similar chicks. So on the right is chicks biodata. They have a girls sketch, basically representing her figure. You can click there and find similar chicks.

Visit it for more info and fun. And I bet you will appreciate this website. Don't forget to contribute about any chick you know. I will be doing it soon.

My favorite click here.