Monday, August 04, 2008

Idea stolen...

This is what I call innovation in Web. Damn it they stole my idea (though I never shared it). You all might have used Wikipedia now and then and I rate it as the best resource to gather info. An online biggest encyclopedia which grows everyday. Infact today the most relevant source link provided for your search string is usually Wikipedia..

Naah this wasn't my idea. My idea was an inspiration from Wikipedia and someone already implemented it. :( Chickipedia. Yup this is the most informative website to know about hot girls. I am really impressed by this website. I will give you small navigational map of this website here but you have to visit it to taste the flavor of innovation.

So Chickipedia categorize the girls as TV Film Music Sports Fashion Politics Business Misc. Their DB is pretty small but I think it will grow eventually just like Wikipedia, as it allows users to add chicks to it. The data provided for these chicks is pretty accurate too.

When you search for a chick you find her picture along with her bio data (ofcourse figure inclusive). They provide you the data like: Chicks she's worked with, Dude's she has worked with, Stuff she's done(movies, album's etc), her photo's videos, buzz(NEWS) about her, etc etc.

My favorite feature for this website is the feature to find similar chicks. So on the right is chicks biodata. They have a girls sketch, basically representing her figure. You can click there and find similar chicks.

Visit it for more info and fun. And I bet you will appreciate this website. Don't forget to contribute about any chick you know. I will be doing it soon.

My favorite click here.


Harshita Kamal Mehta said...

he he...wat an idea sirji!!

zirelda said...

Oh that's funny. Wonder if they'll come up with a dudeapedia?

Sneha Shrivastava said...


Warning : Beware of fake information ;)

Liked your post.