Thursday, August 14, 2008

...Meatlovers Paradise

The Lunchbox Laboratory

My love for trying all meats in the world took me to LunchBox Laboratory. Before you go to this place you have to keep in mind some To Do's and some Not To Do's

Do skip a meal before you visit this place
Make sure you have got all your work Done
Be in a casual mood
Do tag a friend along to witness
Do keep an antacid in your pocket.

Don't s
DO NOT think of working after this
Do not plan a formal dinner or expect sophistication
Do not go in formal attire...
Aha... DONT even think of Calories... you might have a heart stroke
DON'T you think of this place if you aren't a meat lover... chicken/turkey is hard to find.

Hope you dnt mind red meat. Now before I start... the place looks wacky, but its wacky because the owner wanted it to be. The neighborhood isn't great, but the food is exceptional. You will be greeted by a lady with some great tattoos, a BBW calling you Hun and warning u:

"HUN...hope u not expecting your burger in 10mins its a lab it takes time."

So anyways, they have a list of daily experiment burgers and then you have an option to experiment yourself, with some great seasoning and great dressings. They call them wacky dressing and wacky seasoning as they sound like that. My picks were: bacon sea salt n pepper seasoning and jalapeño redwine ranch as dressing. Ain't it wacky, i could have never imagined bacon in seasoning and jalapeño in dressing... but they taste awesome. Their menu n meat changes everyday... beef, buffalo, DORK(pork+duck), Elk, WildBoar, Pork, LAMB, GOAT, MOOSE. Yeah some of the wackiest meat is experimented in LunchBox Lab., you might be lucky some times to find some traditional fish at times... but again its completely dependent on the mood of the chef experimenting in Lab for the meats of the day.

I had DORK n Wild Boar (half each with my friend) burger with some skiny potato fries with wacky seasoning and a Nutella(choc+hazel nut) shake. $20 meal done for the day...

My mistake I came back to work, my productivity -100%. Reason: 1). m too full to work 2). I told story about the place to everyone and didn't let others work either. You cant step out of that place without trying their shakes... forget about your appetite/diet just sip it once and you are going to finish it.

.....7 hrs since lunch.. Belch Belch


Nidhi said...

dont knw wht to comment .. m a veggie.. lol

zirelda said...

That sounds good. How far from Colorado?

Abhinav Agrawal said...

Neighborhood: Ballard
7302 15th Ave NW
Seattle, WA 98107

Harshita said...

Itz really hard to work after such a mouthful... :)

BTW I have changed my blog name and link.I am sure you will find me if you have to. :)