Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tickles from Seattle - 2

This is part 2 of some basic rules among a bunch of nerds.

Any thing you say starting with

- may be
- i think
- in my opinion

is subjected to be overruled. Give AXIOMS and no one will question regardless of its authenticity.

"You can now buy land underwater... and shrimps are endangered species"
Anyone asks you direction; never say left or right, straight or reverse. There are just two ways

"this way and that way"

Let the driver figure out him/herself


Sneha Shrivastava said...

Hilarious !!

Harshita said...


Harshita said...

Sirji...aapkey liye ek chota sa award...kripya usey accept karey humaarye blog pey aakey... ;)

zirelda said...

LOL! That's just too funny.

Round here we use the phrases, "up the road apiece" and "a little ways down the road."

Sneha Shrivastava said...

Hi Abhinav,
Tumko 2 awards mil chukey hai, mUzey peta hai ;).Tisra marey blog per hai.please accept it.:)

Nidhi said...

Interesting and funny. :)

mylittlesomethings said...

this way & that way reminds me of the conversation that you, manish & manu have.. heheheh its always funny!