Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tickles from Seattle - 3

Udupi Palace the worst of all restaurants one can land to. Highly Non-recommended

Again the answer to the Question; Where shall we go to dinner is "There" and the driver is supposed to stop the car at Udupi for this absurd redundant answer. Anyways so we land up in Udupi once in a while.

Waiter: Are you ready?
since we are here lets order something and will go somwhere else this place is hopeless
Waiter: Tapping his feet... Are u ready sir?
lets order Pav Bhaji its funny they serve it with hot dog buns...its hilarious
Waiter: expression changes gives Agent A with a cold look
Agent A: Am I wrong, you always serve it with Hot Dog buns
Waiter: Yes Sir, we do
Agent A: I knew it lets order one pav bhaji n will go somwhere else

PS: Its bizarre to serve this dish with HotDog buns... it should be served with Hamburger buns


Harshita said...

Well,seems you went there to settle some scores with the Udupi people... ;)

Paav Bhaaji is not a bad idea anyways...except for that Hot Dog Buns part...

I donno why I get this funny feeling that you will end up going there again!! ;)

Abhinav Agrawal said...

hahahaha u knw wat we definitely will end up there again.. no harsh feeling no score settlements its just tht u've bear it for the vague answer

"Lets go There or Anywhere"

Swats said...

I stumbled upon ur blog while searching for sum info

weird combo ;-)

Swats said...

thnx for all ur comments Abhinav ;-)