Wednesday, August 27, 2008

VIBGYOR -- Do Re Me Fa

Colors, music and fragrances are three elements that influence me a lot; to the extent that I can say that they drive me at times. Nostalgia is another such element but I believe that it exists somewhere in parallel to a lot of other things or rather is intertwined with most of the things and hence detailed dwelling into nostalgia needs a separate discussions altogether.

So I was saying that the music and colors are basically frequencies of sound and light. Now I recall all those media players’ visualizations showing music on spectrum in different colors. It naturally comes to us red being intense high base high treble white yellow feeble, n lower tones.

I wonder if the two things can be integrated i.e. you see a spectrum and think of the tune (that is how the optical fiber communication takes place, more of less) or rather more interestingly think of colors when you listen to a piece of music. High pitch means violet and high bass for red… wow! And I am not talking about those visualizations again; use your imagination if you can.

Moving on to the fragrances, I wonder if we can extend the above phenomenon to it. And more I think about it, more I feel puzzled, confused, startled and puzzled again. I don’t know anything about the science of fragrances or olfactics (“study of sense of smell” as they call it) but I doubt that smell can be classified like colors and music. Can smell have the frequencies?

Notes to sound and colors to light... just clicked me configurin my equalizers color settings.
Now wondering why smilies are yellow


Harshita said...

He he...mere yahaan bhi aapki tarah ek sample hain :)

My kid brother, he is always into some deep this n that logic stuff...just like you...

Ha ha...No wonder he asked me once why smileys r yellow and not pink or

I think u guys shud meet up over a drink when u r in India...sorry I cant stop laughing... :)

Sneha Shrivastava said...

Though we study the nature and its elements through different fields of science, I guess, all theses different subjects tend to merge as in advanced scientific research.

This post reflects your technical acumen and power of analysis.:)

Abhinav Agrawal said...

@Harshita Mam: hmmm i think i really waste a lot of time thinkin evaluatin d fluff side of the world hmmm o'er a drink boom how can i say no to tht

@sneha: thnx :)

zirelda said...

Mmm, interesting. I think I have a meditation exercise for bedtime tonight now.

Thinking further, if everything is made of energy why couldn't smell have frequencies? Although I'm not sure how that would work.

Yellow is the color of sunshine and happiness. Smilies reflect sunshine and happiness.

Nidhi said...

mm i love all the three elements..
all r equally imp.
smileys are yellow... umm let me think.. smileys >> smile>> bright>> brighter color >> yellow ... how does it sound..
The angry face is nt yello. its red or pink..
the sick face is purple if u notice..

Bharat said...

don't knw or never thought abt the fragrances bt Color and Music...ohh for sure...

I guess i used to imagine (or shld say "see") different colors while flying with Floyd in my "good" old days....