Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Pain in the Butt... finally resolved

Security on internet has always been a concern since day one. Remebering passwords is another pain. I used several password managers but was always insecure about the security of my privacy, banking, e-mails, profiles, etc etc. Verisign is a very trusted resource and I am glad that they finally came up with PIP (Personal Identity Portal). Any online retailer or banking istitution if verisign certified is convincing to me. 

Just like google became a synonym for search over the web so did verisign for security n trust.

PIP is a single signin solution supporting the OpenId and direct sign to supported urls. Well atleast for me it was of great use as all the vendors, retailers, and banking institutions I visit are supported by them. For site not suporting open id username n pwd fields are auto populated.

Have you heard of bookmarklet (differs from bookmarks). GChrome, googles new browser uses it and signing into them is supported by PIP too.
I am in a habit of using my cellphone a lot on the fly for transactions but neither Windows Mobile6 nor the i-Phone (may come soon in future) support is available till date. But then thats not a necessity thts just luxury i can demand for.

So far I have been loving it and I am very convinced with the product. 

DarkerSide: What if the PIP password is compromised :) alls gone. Well my solution is I use omni pass a finger print reader to auto populate verisign for me. And my finger print reader saves 2 different prints and I can use either bird to scan incase of injury.


Harshita said...

Quiet a pain-killer that is ;)


garyinca said...

Hi Abhinav: By way of intro, I am the technical director for the PiP/SeatBelt project here at VeriSign. First off I wanted to thank you for your kind words about our service. I also wanted to inform you that in fact One-Click will work on your iPhone. All you need to do is to synch your bookmarks from your Mac/Safari browser to your iPhone/Safari browser and you'll be able to use One-Click on your iPhone. Also a new cool feature we added is allowing users to build their personal identity OpenID endpoint page. Click on my URL in the comments to see it!

Swats said...

O God even I have multiple passwords n sumtimes I just go blank!
I don’t know if im deviating frm ur the topic but once I got the feelin tht sumbody had hacked into my blogspot a/c..and I immediately changed my pwd!

Verisign has a happy customer ;-)

Sneha said...

Extremely valuable information.

Jeena said...

I know your password :P... Hmmm my bank of america checking accnt looks bigger.. I wonder why...??? :)