Monday, September 15, 2008

...a Seattlelite drizzels's

yeah its true that I have not jazzed up for an evening in a while... no more formal pants, ironed shirts, polished shoes, gel glued wet look hair, wrist watch for me. 
The joke pretty much is true in Seattle; To know that a Seattlite is pimped up for an evenin is casual shoes, northface fleece.

I think I am loving the NW. Its so casual n simple that I land up in my favourite pubs at times in shorts n sneakers tht too right after the gym without being an odd one out. The max I do at times is to put on my corduroy blazer, a non-wash look jeans and a casual cotton shirt and the same old casual shoes.

It’s a well-observed fact that Seattlites love to dress casually. My frenz visiting me from east coast have been amused to see this and I proudly call it the NW Looks. Seattle is pretty infamous for rains (it rains everyday for 9 mnths) but the answer to the question "why Seattle?" is always the ocean and the mountains. People here simply love outdoor activities and never mind rains. They sail, they hike, they camp, they surf... they do anything that an athlete would do. Not only Seattle is the rain city, but it also is the bike capitol of NW. Seattlites love to cycle.

The work culture here is different from anywhere else. The unbelievable part is that I keep liqor at my desk and can drink any time I feel like. The 'F' word is loved in the meetings to refer to crap under discussion. Fridays 3pm means beer and Xbox times. Dress code, yeah there sure is one: today I was at work in flipflops and gymshorts. All this doesnt mean that people dont work here :). Some small flagship HQ's here are Microsoft, Amazon, T-Mobile, Expedia, REI, Starbucks, Zillow. Yup the second silicon valley if exists it exists in Seattle. 

....leaving my old jalopy, by the railroad track 
I'll get a hip, double dip, americano and will drive the TC down the track... honk honk whistle whistle

btw I hated d ~2 yrs spend in  Tx


Harshita said...

That's what I call - LIFE :)

It wud have seen so gr8 when you don't need hours to get ready just to get that tie or the collar right in place...

I remember how when for the first time I saw a guy in his gym gear in my office, I was so surprised...later I got pretty used to it...

Sooner I was a part of the gang that ran up-hill duing lunch breaks... :)

Enjoy it till it lasts ;)

Swats said...

Wowwwww..what amazing work culture..i wud love 2 b part of it..i am most comfy in my gym wear..

Corporates hv a strict dress code here..ur sent bac home if ur found in casuals on weekdays..Here at work, if u use the The 'F' word, ur fired..

Hw long hv u been living in Seattle..n whre in India r u frm?

Swats said...

Oh ok ;-)
Nainital is known 4 its scenic beauty n decorative candles i believe..

Sneha Shrivastava said...

Nice to know that the work culture is informal and life is pretty cool, You for sure are enjoying it.:)
Have a good time.

Renu said...

who is here from nainital:)I am sorry but just listening something about that side make me feel at home.
I always think that i will settle in Bhimtal,its a beutiful place, nainital was my most loved holiday spot, in every summer vacation we will first go to nainital, Mujhe abhi bhi jana ha naini devi ke mandir..ek dhaga kholne:)

Gaurav Kant Goel said...

Hey...u seem to work in heaven...


zirelda said...

Ah I have a dress code at work which I hate but it's ok.

I do remember Gunni though. If you saw someone in a suit you knew they were from Denver. Even the attorney's in Gunni were casual.

I miss those days. :)

You are a lucky man.

Jeena said...