Tuesday, October 21, 2008

..an attempt to define the abstract

Not much's been written about it... but then web's a huge sea. Needless to say that my search strings over the web r kind of weired and times; i think its the strive for findin the fluff n ignoring the stuff.

Some months back i stumbled on to this website when i made a typo in the spelling of "retriever"(i typed: retrievr), found it really cool bookmarked it and forgot about it... http://labs.systemone.at/retrievr/

In short:
Retrievr provides u a very basic, light wait, paint brush type of a flash based, sketch pad. U draw using 4 dot sizes pick up the custom color and it runs a query in Flickr to find really cool pictures.

Flickr (mark the spelling) is an online album mgnt portal, where you can upload and maintain you pictures. btw: Flickr's awesome

Its fun to draw something really abstract and see what results it provides you. M posting my example and my expectation was a blue sky and green water. Its not always tht you will get good results. Actually the indexing is not based on images its more as a pattern of colors that the algorithm is percieving. There is nothing image/text recogniton kind of a thing with this project. You draw the abstract and you get sometimes really stunning results. At one instance I drew a black horizontal line on top and a grey vertical line in middle and the results were several monochrome image with a man standing and black clouds hovering o'er him... 

Play around its awesome : 
Just in case you forget the link type retrievr in google and the first link is to the project.


Sneha said...

Cool information its of good use to a person like me who loves playing with colors.:)

Harshita said...

I am gonna look at it for sure ;)

U always have something interesting and new to share with us.

Stay Happy

Swats said...

its damn cool ya :)
but generally google helps u vit the rite spelling

Nidhi said...

hey thnks for sharing the information..
m glad u found this. might me helpful someday dwn the lane

zirelda said...

That's pretty nifty. I haven't found that before.

The web is definitely a big sea.

Friday said...

Great find! I couldn't stop experimenting with it! Thanks!

shrey bhatt said...


shrey bhatt said...

dude thanxxxxxxxxxxx for your good blessings