Monday, October 13, 2008

...booted suited stick in hand... behind are called Gentlemen

Just like your pick of shoes, neck wear reflects your taste too. Well i think proposing this axiom is not justice lets take it as my opinion.

I find girls more appealing in a smartly knotted woolen or satin scarf... scarfs look smart, cravats look sexy. But when it comes to men it is indeed one of a very challenging picks, from color to pattern to knot to fabric. Picking up a neckwear is not easy for men... i have always spend more time finding that tie, cravat/ascot then my formal jacket. Yeah when it comes to spice it a bit I prefer an ascot or cravat and ofcourse now n then this deviance is necessary, not to mention how well it goes with a 3 piece.

Alas havent got a chance to wear a cravat in a while... but my love for them has never deteroriated. I am one of those proud men(call me lad) who find pleasure in giving pleates to cravat. Unfortunately they are not in fashion among Yankees and I love Brits for this. My perfect non casual evening in Downing street goes with a shirt, cravat, v-kneck sweater, blue jeans and casual shoes.

Dad taught me about cravat and it suits him. I still value the used silk that he gave me off his collar and taught me to carry it. Will never forget the words "feel its class before you pleat it... its not a costume son"

My temptation to step over the board and wear that smooth dark outlandish silky cravat is never going away and will wear it again some time.


zirelda said...

I think a cravat is sexy and I think a man brave enough to wear one would be even better.

You go.

Harshita said...

Well wearing a cravat is more of a legacy in your life...U must be so proud that your dad gave you his to try on :)

I find them rare here in India..You hardly see people wearing them...I have spotted them only during family cocktails or formal dinners.

I agree with Z,they add to ur sex-appeal.

Swats said...

Anything luks cool provided u carry it off well n wear it with the right attitude!

Sneha said...

I agree with Swats.:)

Nidhi said...

Reminds me of a movie where bachhans are in cravat, in a song rock and roll soniye of movie kabhi alvida na kehna.
i never knew it’s called cravat. yup i too like the idea of carrying a scarf, it looks classy and so does cravat