Friday, October 10, 2008

..Not d Same old Bastard

.. and today contradicting his friends view Bastard declares that he has changed. With a stern denial of the statement "Same old Bastard" he accepts he is not the same... the question remains open ended change for the better or for the worse. Well thats a drift may be a change for his own survival in society.

Today bastard is embarassed to hug an old fren of same sex who he meets after ages... and today bastard is embarassed if a man winks at him asking him to act like an ignorant... where did the feeling of brotherhood and once own country's success go. Outsourcing that was also justfied for him is no more justified. It scares him n he curses the system and doesnt mind his own brothers deprived of jobs as far as his own ass is secured.

Is an answer; things change so do people... is the answer charity begins at home enough to justify him or is it a sign of his own identity being retarded...!!!

Rightly said: Change is inevitable, except from vending machines.


Sneha said...
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zirelda said...

Change is constant for sure.

And the desire for survival does odd things to people.

Aevi said...

Alas but probably you didnt get whom I am talkin about
Read this and you will know

Swats said...

At least u don’t belong to the ABCD category- AMERICAN-BORN CONFUSED DESI

V all change irrespective of whre life takes us..whther ur an Indian settled in the states or whtever..i myself have changed as a person living here in India..

But I don’t get this statement: ‘Today bastard is embarrassed to hug an old fren of same sex who he meets after ages’ y on earth r u embarrassed Aevi??

I'll tell u something very bluntly..i may b generalizing or jumping 2 conclusions but most of u who settle abroad (u as in ur fraternity) come bac with an attitude problem..they become v cynical of India, Indians, accent issues, lifestyle, airs, whims n fancies!
I agree with Sneha tho I guess she hasnt read ur previous post

zirelda said...

I understand now.

But we all change and our desire for our own success doesn't mean that we desire less for others too.

We cannot help others as much as we like always. It will make us crazy to try.

With the way things are right now I very much understand. It's a political world and we are all stepping lightly.


Harshita said...

Ahem! some soul-searching needs to be done here :)

I have seen the indifference of Indians staying abroad towards their fellow Indians...and I agree somewhere... a lot of self-created taboos stop u frm resognising where u come frm...

I m sure change is inevitable...but then the same old bastard is trying to survive...isn't he?? and I dont blame him :)

Sneha said...
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