Sunday, November 23, 2008

...which boat are you sailing in?

...every new day its either in NEWS, blogs, conversation or work place, some one's got the pink slip. Yup bad times... scary times. Each day seems to be getting worse. I am experiencing a 52 week low for my orgs stock price (35 to 6), loosing a 3B market cap to 1.xxB. Some say its the buyers market as its going to bounce back... i say hold on to your penny you never know when you need it. Irony is more than half of the companies listed in S&P500 index don't even qualify the bars today.

Its getting worse... painful aspect its gone global ---it’s the people who were already in a bad shape will have to suffer more.. but who is in the worst shape is a big question.

A founder... who is watching his baby, life time dream sinking... (eg Yahoo)
A retired professional who was counting on his pension for 60 yrs and his employer is bankrupt (eg employees of GM)
A professional who is about to retire and watching all his investments siniking
A student who is about to graduate n has no job.
A daily wage laborer who is not been hired anymore
An employee who steps out of office every evening with a sigh... Thank God it wasnt me.

I started my career not too long ago... the current situation scares me but the thot of having another 30 yrs in my pocket is my Tylenol... I am lucky not to be in my retirement stages watching all 50 yrs down the drain...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Friday, November 07, 2008

Myth Buster

Today the growth and the most respected sector for my country's progress is software, but then the question that keeps dingin in my head is do we really have that software sector existing in India.

As i see India, she doesn't has a software sector existing. It should now realize the misconception, the economical boom for the country is not software. How many companies back home are making a software that they can package and that is in use worldwide. The giants none other then infosys, tcs, wipro, satyam, hcl etc etc are solution providers. I blame them completely for infecting the new engineers. We, from our very first job's lack the training to do something different, innovative. We think from the perspective of accomplishing a project based on the customer siting there across the sea and fullfiling their needs. Why do we not have a twitter, facebook, Operating system, a desktop office, a messenger, desktop wiki or say a small web browser developed by a group of frenz.

Though the software industry(so called) has been growing very rapidly. Many multinationals are approcahing us. But as I see the industry has already hit the bed rock in its path to glory. Why does the software market crash when US economy is blown... its just because they drive our business. If we had our own cloud computing or say our own add center which the world used we might have not been affected so much.

This kind of a business line up which is business driven rather than technology is always at risk. Yeah we have IBM, microsoft, yahoo or any other giant in india too but they dont belong to us... Adobe is good example I'd say... being oversea company releases most of its products from indian development center and thence I can put my job at stake for the quality engineer from Adobe.

India at the same time should realize the threat from China... they have labor cheaper then us and at the same time they are attracting more n more business lately. Indian solution providers have always lacked in providing a quality soltuion to any company in States that actually develops its own software. This is the reason that when microsoft gives its project to Wipro they give them the mundane task of running regression. As a result the engineer back home dreams for an onsite opportunity to earn some quick money. What is the end result for this engineer. As i see it is he is deterioriating his own skill set by being held up in "You need to do this" environment. Does he get a chance to think out of the box... does he really get a feeling of that his organiztion is by him. Indian solution providers are actually generating revenue from non IT industry like financial institues (AIG, BofA, WaMu, etc) or some stores like Walgreens. We have been generating revenue from support of the product that we provided them 10 yrs ago.... isnt that what is deteroriating our own generations thinking abilities. Support is Fun trust me, especially for a product that I didnt write. Why do or companies have a bench period which is usually indefinite.

I think that the myth needs to burst now. Industry itself should groom it in a different way. They should take a pick of funding and developing universities rather than a Laala making a private engineering college where his aim is to generate revenue and hire non-skilled jobless professionals to teach.

Today, an organization that wants an engineer has no option other then to provide an in-house training to his new college hire. These programs are not cheap its an investment of several Ks' to train one. And then they trainee hops a job. They day this hopping culture is busted.. they day industry will take a new turn at home. If the industry had invested in the college to train this dude and hand picked him from there things would have been different.

Well thats just my opinion... I am not an analyst but my respect to this profession and love for country makes me one. Needless to say we are all Cyber Coolies' and this should change

Thursday, November 06, 2008

...there will never be "no more coasting"

Will not go too far in past... just start from where you stepped out of school. You had those bright eyes. You saw or heard about that man who is almost twice your age and now your role model. You see him siting in that halway with 4 computers and a laptop in front of him. He also has that leather coated briefcase and shiny oxford shoes. He is an important man, he has a b'ful assistant and his phone rings every 30 mins. That dude enjoys the privlage of choosing whom he wants to talk to... 

"Yes I am going to be him one day" and here you are, probably better then him. You stood strong... overcome all the blows of fate's bastion.

What next.. yes some 10 floors above you is a bald eagle. His call you cannot ignore and what every 30 mins the call you are receiving is his...huh. This call makes you put on your jacket and makes you quick groom yourself. You step in there... and he his assistant is more b'ful then yours. His chair indeed is more comfortable then yours... he asks you to step out as the big dude has to discuss the confidential economy plans of the company and here you think again... "Yes I am going to be him one day". He was twice your age too.

The wheel is rolling... life is coasting and you being the lucky one is there. that corner window office in the high rise of the city, that computer which you chose yourself... hand picked furniture in your office, with a set of shiny golf clubs and a decanter of the finest scotch in town. 

What next yet another dream... another goal... 

We coast n coast n coast... and we will coast n coast n coast... there always is somthing that pulls us towards itself, that drives our daily lifes... that tweaks are thought processes... 

Life's a mosh pit and keep dreaming till you have that ranch, with all the cattle you can manage. Work till you can afford that smuggled cuban cigar and that local precious casked wine. 

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Tickles from Seattle - 5

...this place is all about subtle satire, the billboard at the door says it all.
All I know about this place is that always some creepy dudes n dudettes go in n out n all well dressed tourists love to get a picture of the billboard.

I was always tempted to take pictures as the humor that goes on the board is about some recent event, incident, news, movie etc etc... and its just awesome.

All i know about this place is from my dearo fren Yelp (click here to learn more).

Heard of Chronicles of Narnia, Indiana Jones, Electoral College, Temple of Doom, Spring Break, Thanks Giving, New Year, Sleepless in Seattle  :) 

here i am sharing a different perspective of all that as another tickle from Seattle....