Sunday, November 02, 2008

Tickles from Seattle - 5

...this place is all about subtle satire, the billboard at the door says it all.
All I know about this place is that always some creepy dudes n dudettes go in n out n all well dressed tourists love to get a picture of the billboard.

I was always tempted to take pictures as the humor that goes on the board is about some recent event, incident, news, movie etc etc... and its just awesome.

All i know about this place is from my dearo fren Yelp (click here to learn more).

Heard of Chronicles of Narnia, Indiana Jones, Electoral College, Temple of Doom, Spring Break, Thanks Giving, New Year, Sleepless in Seattle  :) 

here i am sharing a different perspective of all that as another tickle from Seattle.... 


Harshita said...



Swats said...

read the review/comments
didnt u chk it out :P

Aevi said...

lolzz yeah read the reviews n i dnt have those radioactive anti-nuclear war suit as reviews say this place is filthy hheheheh

Sneha said...


Swats said...


Y this new pic..can barely c ur face

Nidhi said...

u spoke so much of Seattle.. its in my wish list.. i want to visit this place for sure.. I think i need to convince RD for our Honey moon to Seattle.. hw is the IDea??

Aevi said...

an idea can change ur life...hehe "PJ"

well the idea is good n its a place worth visitin

but u can see the god of all beers "Guinness" :)

zirelda said...

How funny. This is a nude place?