Sunday, November 23, 2008

...which boat are you sailing in?

...every new day its either in NEWS, blogs, conversation or work place, some one's got the pink slip. Yup bad times... scary times. Each day seems to be getting worse. I am experiencing a 52 week low for my orgs stock price (35 to 6), loosing a 3B market cap to 1.xxB. Some say its the buyers market as its going to bounce back... i say hold on to your penny you never know when you need it. Irony is more than half of the companies listed in S&P500 index don't even qualify the bars today.

Its getting worse... painful aspect its gone global ---it’s the people who were already in a bad shape will have to suffer more.. but who is in the worst shape is a big question.

A founder... who is watching his baby, life time dream sinking... (eg Yahoo)
A retired professional who was counting on his pension for 60 yrs and his employer is bankrupt (eg employees of GM)
A professional who is about to retire and watching all his investments siniking
A student who is about to graduate n has no job.
A daily wage laborer who is not been hired anymore
An employee who steps out of office every evening with a sigh... Thank God it wasnt me.

I started my career not too long ago... the current situation scares me but the thot of having another 30 yrs in my pocket is my Tylenol... I am lucky not to be in my retirement stages watching all 50 yrs down the drain...


Sneha said...

Your anxiety is shared across borders.I know of an oil company whose stock price came down from $26 to $2 and there is going to be no respite soon.

Harshita said...

I agree with Sneha on this. Almost all of us are sailing in the same boat here.

At times, even I wonder that my manager is not ready to give work to NCR ppl, he wants to keep it down may be am one of those employees, they want to do away with...Who knows??

Its pretty unpredictable...lets c.

zirelda said...

I don't think any of us are immune. Last year I read a book about the Great Depression called The Worst Hard Time.

If this is what is coming we'd all be better off in survival mode.

Swats said...

wht a relevant post!

i am sick n tired of reading abt pink slips, pay cuts and cost cutting..

Everyday we hear of employees being terminated..just read abt 4 ppl who were sacked recently..was deeply moving!

my cuzzin wasted all his life studying, he was promised a high profile job in some IT company and hes jobless now..

another cuzzin is almost on the verge of getting laid off..and even my brothers job is not safe..

goodluck! i hope u survive!

Entertainer said...

u said it dude.. and u said it well...
everytime i walk down to my cubicle..i pass the HR bay.. and everytime..when i reach that spot..i suffer anxiety neurosis.. i pray someone shudnt call me that time from that bay...

Gaurav S said...

its dispersing across the globe & affecting everybody everywhere in every sector. Its just the extent. Where is the end :(
@Harshita Ma'am: you should change to some other team which has majority guys in NCR or move to a more stable company. We should have Plan B (i know even Plan C/DE may also require :( )