Monday, December 15, 2008

...So close no matter how far...

........Couldn't be much more from the heart !!!!
Forever trusting who we are...
No nothing else matters..

Two Hours... a band of 4 and the legend of :

That Was Just Your Life
The End of the Line
Creeping Death
Harvester of Sorrow
Broken, Beaten & Scarred
Sad But True
Wherever I Roam
The Day That Never Comes
Master of Puppets
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
Die Die Die My Darling
Seek and Destroy

A life time experience... simply in awe of the GODs of Thrash Metal, with all reverence.. (I wish I had a chance of witnessing Jimmy Paige and Pink Floyds at the peak and I would have quoted the same)... METALLICA is back on top and I can't pen the great feeling I had when M. S. mailed me 3 mnths back that he managed the tickets to the show and the ticks to Dec 1 took forever.

My Idea of a successful memorable concert is either a chaotic punk party all on crack or in an arena where you can feel the riffs of base the beats of drums n the echo of vocalist... and yup we had this concert in the KeyArena (officail court of Seattle Sonics). Secondly when the Lamb of God played before Metallica it was like a free treat to a fan... couldnt have asked for more.

Waiting for a performer you love and admire is a very different kind of a wait and I had never realized this before in any concert that I attended(other then Usha Utthup). Its a very delicious wait. Those false alarms those equipment techies testing the guitars n drums those out of the blue shrieks from audiences and all fans geared up with their lighters to welcome the Metal players... its simply superb.

The show was a glorious combination of laser lights and coffins (symbol of the new release Deth Magnet). I was mesmerized and so was everyone else. Me being a NBA fan and been to key Arena several times before.... had a whole perspective changed for the venue... it was loud and stutteringly awesome. James Hetfield and his vocals tuned the soul and I couldnt manage to sleep all night as his voice kept singing in my ears... Bassist Robert Trujillo has always been a god of base for me and his unique style of bending down and playing at ground level levaes me speechless... him playing the riffs solo came really late and I was getting impatient to hear him... Hats off to Kirk Hammett who froze everyone and proved to be a legend again. He rules the stage and his attire is as unique as his skill... and none other then the know drummer Lars Ulrich known for his reckless style and a shower of spit in the air... was at his best sitting in the middle of the stage on a revolving disc made that head banging more cheerful n painless for everyone.

Long Way to Go... \m/


Harshita said...

5 yrs back I attended a concert in Delhi's Nehru was a BIG one with popstars from India and abroad.

I still remember the feeling of eagerness, excitement and those goosebumps I went thru ;)

Your post took me back to THAT day...Thanks for sharing your amazing experience :)

BBC said...

Ah, you're in Seattle hey? Lived there for a few years when I got out of the Navy, but I'm a country hick and like small places. I'm over in Port Angeles and it's too damn big for me.

16 degrees this morning, brrrrrr.

Swats said...

u cudnt sleep all nite! r u such a rock music fanatic :)
I liked the way u described the v c a rock star in the making? :P

Nidhi said...

hey i too love concert... afta reading all the explanation nw i badly wanna wear my all star converse and go for concert.. :( :(
i Love rock concert! head bangign is awesome fun with loadsa beer!!! :) :) shy,..

Bharat said...

Saaaleee....i envy u for this..i missed the Megadeth Concert last year..sob sob...u made me remember attending those GIR shows in Delhi...phewwwwww....