Friday, December 12, 2008

Where was I...?

In a dark dungeon...

I started twitting to send live feeds on the fly... irony is; haven't got time to think of it in fast 20 days. Twas a fun ride...

Actually I think I'll be busy catching up with missed calls n voice mails as someone reported in an e-mail that my voicemail box is full... inbox have some ~20 e-mails flagged as a follow up gotta do some serious catching... laundry's been stinikin in a corner for some time... yup havent ironed a shirt in weeks. But I still manage to take showers.. machines havent been on sleep for a week or so.

what happened... where was I ? In chair.. in- front of my machine... a pencil in mouth a notepad at lap... glasses on nose and swearing on tongue. Can’t remember when I slept for +4 hrs in 15 days...

20 days -- just reminded me my days from Texas.

* 4 homeworks (school)
* 3 projects (school)
* 1 release
* 1 project kick off
* 2 days on-call on pager
* 3 quizzes’ (school)
* 2 comprehensive exams (school)
* 1 certification
* 4 classes
* 2 re-orgs
* 55 layoffs
* nonetheless a life time experience... Live Metallica Concert Whoot Whoot Whoot

The thought of Dec 12th when I'll be done with the semester... the certification... etc etc had such a sweet aroma in itself that I cant stop smiling... i just dont want to sleep... i just dont want to go home... i am loving it... its Dec 12


Harshita said...

We've missed you (mush-mush) lol

Hope the xams went all well... abhi masti maaro, drink maaro aur aish karo ;)

Swats said...

so good to have u bac :)
have a blastttttt now!

I passed out in I am the happiest :P
education never interested me :)

zirelda said...


I bet the concert was too awesome.

Nidhi said...

hey last sem?? so u back on track??
hw were exams??

Sneha said...

Congratulations on your Graduation.:)

Aevi said...

@sneha : not graduated yet :) 3 more credits to go