Saturday, January 24, 2009

and the problem is solved...

I have instance of Windows Live Writer on my box and seems to make my life easier.
The only warning that I would like state along with it is that it will ask you to install the whole suite which includes:
Mail, Photo gallery, toolbar, family saftey, MS outlook, MS Office Live Add-in, SilverLight and Writer.
Make a wise choice and select only what you want. Secondly it is going to update your windows live messenger to v9 which definitely has a problem in signing in if you are behind a firewall (and you should be behind a firewall).  So if you use messenger be ready to uninstall the v9 of messenger and then downgrade to messenger8.1
Talking with the development team they had solution [e-mail conversation]

The error message indicates the following


Here is what is happening: The upgraded messenger (Wave 3) uses MSNP 18 as the protocol to connect to services. There could be some firewall/proxy which does not understand MSNP 18. The previous version of messenger shipped with MSNP16.

What you need to do is to either shut down firewall or open up the appropriate ports. A list of ports used by Wave 3 messenger is at

Ignore the link article above as it is not a great solution and the ports they want you to open are default ports already open on all machines. Another hack is available if you are desperate to use v9 messenger add:

Just browse to "c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\", open the file "hosts" with Notepad and add this string to fix the error:

Anyways coming back to the point:

Writer actually asks your credentials the first time to your blogger and once provided it downloads the template settings and gives you a feel as if you are editing at the blogger page rather than the editor.

Advantage 2 is that you no more need to play around with the monotonous html rather you can just drag drop tables, media, video, pictures, maps and resizing and alignment are just one click away.

Thirdly no need for a preview as it is just like blogging on the blogger page itself where you post.

Fourthly you can write all posts save as drafts and can also assign dates for auto publishing. Nothing new but yet another good feature.

Download here

Happy bloggin to you all


Sneha said...

Thanks a lot .:)

Nidhi said...

hey thanks for tht info. i m dwnloading. whn if asked wht all to download i only clicked writer. i hope it helps. wil update u
nyways hw have u been.. long time no see

zirelda said...

I added a few of the add ins but have not used any of them. And yes I had a problem with messenger although I didn't go as far as emailing support. I just unloaded the newer version and reinstalled my old version. :)

Happy day and good review!

Harshita said...

As always, another interesting thing/tip from Abhi's kitty. :) Thanks yaar.