Thursday, January 08, 2009

Open Question...

The million $$ open question to sucess: "Fundatmental of product right" or is it proportional to the "What's new you have to offer"

well most of us would say a right combination of 2 but that doesnt hold true always. Its kinda baffling naa i think its bizzare in some sense that the answer to these basic questions change with the line of business and products.

Me considering myself as a consumer thinks that the quality of the product delivered to me can be compromised as compared to the quality of product delivered to an enterprise. Rather than beating around the shrubs; Live has quiet some better things to offer than the counterpart but than the basic purpose is yet not served viz the relevance of search results.Tips & Tricks of searching... hmmm well how many of us have actually read this doc or this its us we dont refer to usage guides... they are monotonous isnt it... experience is the best teacher.

Than another improtant thing to notice in the view source of and google is the similarity of font sizes colors layout. Microsoft cannot afford to give away that because we the end users are very typecasted. We consumers are a bit of a pain in butt and some changes are just not acceptable to us. We dont want a new way to search therefore the basic idea of tabs cannot of altered.. but then how did Google defined a new page in contrast to Yahoo. I am not going in those details here but they did.

What should microsoft exactly do to make live popular. Give more relevant search results or offer more and better innovation more marketing (several millions are already spend) or a mix of all which they are already doing.

Live is capable of solving any mathematical equation and i think its pretty cool but than is that feature going to pull in more users? Live's Health Vault is superb source of concise info. Live image search and those search options for images are unquestinable better than what the counterpart has to offer. But then the relevance is the factor that I dont use it
Experiment(click): Live , Google

I think in some sense the innovation that actually is bagged by the right fundamental is the key to success. Example Google integrated the face recognition in its search and is indexing even the scanned documents over the web as relevant results is what is going to add towards my loyalty to them when it comes to search rather than arranging the number of pictures on a page grid style offered by live.

Another point to notice here is with the sinking Yahoo and a monoploly of Google, Live with its limited # of users is still not a loss to microsoft as they still capture that single digit market share on search giving Google a threat and Google on the other hand has not even a single successful product other than search. Stats of Gmail, Gtalk, Gdesktop, etc state it.( not accounting the acquired orgs youtube, blogger, etc).

I think its a tough deal to evaluate the key to success else noone would have been a looser...
who knows that kick ass college drop out kid is somewhere working in his dad's basement to wipe the giants out.


Swats said...

Is Microsoft sacking 15000 employees? Or is it a rumour?

Harshita said...

Worth an experiment. :)

Sneha said...

Needless to say I would any day prefer google over live and i think i share my liking with most of the web users. So there is definitely something more in google that is able to pull more viewership.:)

zirelda said...

I like live for some of its features and google for others.

I have never really used yahoo...

I don't think you can beat google search, live search doesn't add up for me.

Aevi said...

@all: I think i couldnt convey my message clearly... comparison was not my idea.

anyways thanks for reading though. n then m not a writer