Tuesday, January 20, 2009

You, your wife n Me

..sick..? Ok pardon me probably this will make more sense.

What will that "extra person" do on a honeymoon trip... looking at this UI the horses of my thoughts started galloping from pastures to meadows, from marshes to prairies wondering "can I be that extra person"

...r u asking me what m i doing looking for honeymoon packages, u better neck rein your horses n stop whipping them, I told ya i browse all never lands on this web <:D)


Swats said...

LOL :)
ure just too funny

Sneha said...


Harshita said...

Saari ulti-seedhi cheezein tere ko hi milti hain...hehe ;)

Cess said...

can pets be considered as an extra person? :) or maybe it might fit Polygamist couple :P