Sunday, February 22, 2009

Felony to Ignore Beer

If you believe in life after Oktoberfest... life beyond Ireland, Scotland and Amsterdam... 'en this ur place brother. Its the Beer Mecca where you worship beer and scotch at any hour at any season. I must admit that m in love with this place. After Kells if I loved some brewery in Seattle then it is Brouwer's. It was just like on of those clicks from a '70s flick that you lay eyes on that beautiful gal in white plucking flowers in her garden and all your heart says is: "She is the one". Crap its getting too cheesy now.

The drink menu at Brouwers is a like a bible at your hands... where each name looks like a holy verse enchanting itself and calling you to feel it engrave it as a epitaph of your tombstone. They seem to have a beer scotch exchange program from all over the world. I've never in my life seen such a remarkable outstanding splendid lineup of beers handpicked and nicely selected. They are pricy but I must say they are worth it. Each beer from the tap is served in a different type of a glass which has the name of the brewing company printed. The ambience of the brewery is darkwood finish, brown leather couches and simple teak chairs.

As soon as the beer'o clock starts this place is full of young university crowd and finding a chair is a treasure hunt... people love to stand n drink and eat, and everyone seems to enjoy it love it and seem like a regular. For some reason the place is not known to everyone and is located in the art district of Seattle viz Freemont. What makes this place special is that food is great too.. from appetizers to Entree and also the desert. I am not a desert kind of a person but the Dark Belgian chocolate pie that I had the other day is still lingering somewhere in my taste glands.

Last weekends pick for me was walloping St. Bernardus Abt 12, a 10.5% alcohol brew. Its quiet some knock out stout with a great taste. The price is hefty, but I must say a single sip will make you forget about your wallet. Given its strength, you'll hardly need more than one but the love for stout will ask for more. Among others I have had a Leffe, another Belgian golden beauty, and a very well known Piraat which can bring Hercules on his knees still offering a lip smack flavor.

Closing statement to all travelers and beer worshipers: A trip to Seattle is incomplete without Brouwers. This is the place for all Beer snobs

PS: beer ‘o clock is 1930hrs precisely every Friday

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tickles from Seattle - 7

St Bernardus and Piraat were being gulped down... some heavy thrash was being played... all Goths and Punks were at Brouwers... needless to say all 3 were hammered enough

JG ( the highest note from his throat): I am getting engaged.. I am getting engaged yayyy..!!!!
MP : shut up u r not the only Adam that u need to sing about ur Eve
Tiger: re-revise ur definition assehole... engagement is a formality n u r still free... one is engaged only when married and committed only when u have kids... u r still a free man
MP : I agree... hey JG check out that chick, she's been eyeing u for some time now
JG : Nooo she is fat
Tiger: C'mon dude u r drunk so u can..!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Judge yourself

I was always of the opinion during the presidential war in States that if given choices among McCain n Obama I would any time pick the later, and wish I had a better choice. Reason: He is definitely a better candidate than McCain but then I never agreed to his ideas either.

Celebration all round the globe for his win... and people celebrating his victory have not even listened to one full speech of their favorite Mr Obama. Flowing with the wind and making opinions n being judgmental is questionable.

Anyways I love "The Daily Show - Jon Stewart" on comedy central and troughout the campaign John and Mr Colbert (Colbert Report) have enlightened me about the daily proceedings with their humor almost every evening. Ironically they were biased too towards Mr Obama but todays show actually reveals a lot other things. Fun begins after 2:30mins on this ~7min video. This is the satirical review of the The Stimulus Package speech from Obama.

Do you remember the famous lines from Jerry Maguire: " You had me at Hello"

"You had me at We are Fugged" ...

Sunday, February 01, 2009

... how important it is in life not necessarily to be strong...

….but to feel strong.

That is a quote from Christopher McCandless played by Emiinto_the_wild_movie_posterle Hirsch in “Into The Wild”. Another master piece from Sean Penn as expected. I watched it in ‘07 and this is one of those that left an impact on me. Not that I got some ideas got some inspiration, rather I kind of not agreed to the character and considered him an escapist, yet it left a positive impact on me, and have watched it several times since then. Its a true story with not so happy ending.

Chris is running away from society, not aimlessly but in search of something, something that is left beautifully by Sean Penn on viewers judgment. He hobo’s his way to Alaska abandoning all worldly comfort which life had to offer to him. He is idealistic, headstrong and all his beliefs go around the philosophers as Tolstoy, London, and Thoreau. He was a athlete, a Harvard graduate, had a family great career ahead, rather he picks up to hobo his way to Alaska in the wilds discovering himself while hitchhiking and meeting all kinds of strangers. Penn has done a great job in which the pace of the work is constantly moving yet static as a pendulum swinging between the climax of the journey and the events leading up to it.

Chris wants to live off the land, alone, abandoning all society. But he doesn’t hate people either. As I already mentioned, me being in society, twas hard to agree with him, but contradicting the former I was also drawn to him. I still wonder what he was looking for, but all the way and everytime I watch the flick I want him to find his answers. It may be peace, or freedom, nature,God, life, or may be simply nothing. Whatever it is, it's something bigger than himself, and unfortunately when he decides to go back after 2 yrs of living in an abandoned Bus in the wilderness of Alaska he dies..

I will not go deep into the story…as all colleagues and friends are already tired of catching me with the OST and talking about it for past 2 yrs. Something that I really would like to state here is Eddie Vedder.

Been a die hard fan of his lyrics and voice, he did gain more respect and praise in my books. The sound tracks from the flick Hard Sun and Society, say it all.