Sunday, February 22, 2009

Felony to Ignore Beer

If you believe in life after Oktoberfest... life beyond Ireland, Scotland and Amsterdam... 'en this ur place brother. Its the Beer Mecca where you worship beer and scotch at any hour at any season. I must admit that m in love with this place. After Kells if I loved some brewery in Seattle then it is Brouwer's. It was just like on of those clicks from a '70s flick that you lay eyes on that beautiful gal in white plucking flowers in her garden and all your heart says is: "She is the one". Crap its getting too cheesy now.

The drink menu at Brouwers is a like a bible at your hands... where each name looks like a holy verse enchanting itself and calling you to feel it engrave it as a epitaph of your tombstone. They seem to have a beer scotch exchange program from all over the world. I've never in my life seen such a remarkable outstanding splendid lineup of beers handpicked and nicely selected. They are pricy but I must say they are worth it. Each beer from the tap is served in a different type of a glass which has the name of the brewing company printed. The ambience of the brewery is darkwood finish, brown leather couches and simple teak chairs.

As soon as the beer'o clock starts this place is full of young university crowd and finding a chair is a treasure hunt... people love to stand n drink and eat, and everyone seems to enjoy it love it and seem like a regular. For some reason the place is not known to everyone and is located in the art district of Seattle viz Freemont. What makes this place special is that food is great too.. from appetizers to Entree and also the desert. I am not a desert kind of a person but the Dark Belgian chocolate pie that I had the other day is still lingering somewhere in my taste glands.

Last weekends pick for me was walloping St. Bernardus Abt 12, a 10.5% alcohol brew. Its quiet some knock out stout with a great taste. The price is hefty, but I must say a single sip will make you forget about your wallet. Given its strength, you'll hardly need more than one but the love for stout will ask for more. Among others I have had a Leffe, another Belgian golden beauty, and a very well known Piraat which can bring Hercules on his knees still offering a lip smack flavor.

Closing statement to all travelers and beer worshipers: A trip to Seattle is incomplete without Brouwers. This is the place for all Beer snobs

PS: beer ‘o clock is 1930hrs precisely every Friday


Cess said...

it seems really interesting specially the way u describe it, if i ever come to Seattle i ll make sure i ll pass by!
I went to a traditional irish pub today for a kilkenny (red stout) awesome btw, luckily we even got some traditional irish music for my friend visiting this weekend, i bet u don t have that in Brouwers :P

Aevi said...

@C: brouwers is all about death n thrash metal :)

Nidhi said...

u keep writing such and i will keep adding in my wish list.. honey moon kitni baar manaungi?? baap re,.

Beer ji great ho

Swats said...

I've never read a (beer) review like this..vry descriptive :)

Sip on your favourite beer while i sip my coffee :P

and u reminded me of Ben and Jerry's Dark Belgian Chocolate ice am too much of a desert person

Harshita said...

Wow! this one sounds like a prose from a beer-worshipper's book.

What an awesome desciption!!

Deepika gupta said...
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Deepika Gupta said...

I appreciate the way you write..
This one made me visualize the real place you described.. Great work... You play well with words!!

Sneha said...

Tastefully described.:)

Amrita~Ams said...

i started luving beer :P...
nicely written man

Anand said...

Man, I'd go anywhere for Beer...
So far my area is limited..but one day.. Ill explore the places u hv day..

Jus looking ut fr smeone to sponser me.. :-)

Il visit u more.

Anand. :-)