Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tickles from Seattle - 7

St Bernardus and Piraat were being gulped down... some heavy thrash was being played... all Goths and Punks were at Brouwers... needless to say all 3 were hammered enough

JG ( the highest note from his throat): I am getting engaged.. I am getting engaged yayyy..!!!!
MP : shut up u r not the only Adam that u need to sing about ur Eve
Tiger: re-revise ur definition assehole... engagement is a formality n u r still free... one is engaged only when married and committed only when u have kids... u r still a free man
MP : I agree... hey JG check out that chick, she's been eyeing u for some time now
JG : Nooo she is fat
Tiger: C'mon dude u r drunk so u can..!!!


Sneha said...

I can see you guys having blast of a time.:)

Harshita said...

Hmm... I agree with Sneha...yeh kya ho raha hain :D

Swats said... will be men :P

zirelda said...

Oh my. :)

Sounds like fun.