Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Journey : 46 to 64

Well not exactly, should have been titled as 48 to 64 but 46 sounded well so I merrily picked it up.

2005 was a mark of the era when things were about to change drastically and the dude was absolutely unaware of it. Too excited to be done with his Engineering and too excited to get an acceptance from a university in States. All of his nearo n dearo had job offers in hand he himself had an acceptance from University of Texas, Arlington.

Twas time to binge n dance n he did. Next 2 months were all about Imperial Blue, Old Monk (status had shot up after all) and looked down upon 8 pm and Contessa which were best buddies through out undergrad. Family was loving him more… those dumb serious drunk discussions on long drives with friends were a everyday thing. Cannot forget the 3 cassettes from the car playing round n round Number 1 (Michael Jackson) The Wall (Pink Floyd) and the 3 songs from Bombay Boys (Lemon Tree, Tu hai tabla n the legend Hasne ka Gaane ka).

Life turned upside down as soon as he stepped into the new world so did the life of all other jerks. Training at work for all friends was like pursuing engineering again and everything that was taught in University was rocket science for the Dude. This is one thing, the fun ride actually began when twas time to hunt meals. They all found themselves Into The Wild.

Everyday meal in states was choley chawal n rajma chawal; reason : available canned and boiled, easy n quick to cook n affordable with a $4.57/hr with a max of 20hrs/week pay. Alas choley chawal n rajma chawal betrayed him. Every attempt done to cook resulted in one piece rice (in the shape of vessel) and 3 layered curry (oil, water, choley). Money was scarce n a shortage of time with 4 hrs of job, 4 hrs of classes 4 hrs of research, 4 hrs of self study. What happened next was the 1$ Mac Chicken( chicken was a blend of cartilage bones n some kinda disgusting white meat) a 750 ml of coke 2 times a day. Till day the thought of McDonalds brings so much respect in his eyes along with a shiver that he just cannot step in McDs any more.

And the result over a span of 3 yrs (‘05 –‘08) “hold your breath” accompanied with cheddar cheese, 1.5l of daily coke, skinned chicken, mayo, 2 buns of white bread is:

A Journey: 46kgs to 64kgs


haddock said...

Too funny..but its the fact i guess! :)

Swats said...

LOL..really made me laaf
Nw I get ur title :P
Interesting journey: Quite a milestone

I really like ur attitude towards life :)

Pallav said...

its so amusing n funny..
good to know abt ur attitude towards life..

Amrita~Ams said... ;) said...

my kind of post :D
i ve turned 57 to 75 but now back to 72 which ok for my height ;)
enjoy & have fun!!
u ve struggled a lot with all those weird RA/TA Lab etc
Good Luck :)

Sneha said...

kya baat hai.:)
tou 46 to 64 ka credit RAZMA CHAWAL and Chano ko jata hai.:)

Bharat said...