Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Is it time to Legalize it

100s of arguments are being presented lately and yet no conclusion, or may be i should state that the conclusion is NO.

Is that high minded society that defines the path of righteousness there yet. I think its a side effect of a real high minded society that things are reasoned to an extent that things are left the way they are today. How right is it for the leaders of a nation to act reactively with reflexes rather than reasonably, when it comes to taking decisions.

Marijuana is under discussion here, and in society. The argument against legalizing marijuana is are you ready to take a risk that the upcoming generation has access to drugs, or how right is it for an employee to crack on a joint and return to his desk. If it is smoked can you avoid smoking and driving under influence. Legalizing it has a darker side on leaving a lot of countrymen unhappy, and you don’t know the implications of it. Can a stoned person has the ability to think and fight against adverse.

Arguments in favor just cant be denied either, as the first statement scientifically proved is; marijuana is less addictive than alcohol or tobacco. Just like govt. decides the age for alcohol so it can be devised for marijuana too. Some school kids n college teens will always have access to it and cannot be denied just like they have access to alcohol today. same or higher penalties on driving under influence. No argument in favor is complete without talking in terms of money. So, annual expenditure on correction and managing charges on people who are charged of possession or consumption of marijuana today in States go in 3 digit billion dollars. Making it legal not only saves this but a 10% tax on sales might generates another 3 digit billion dollars towards the economy. Investment in agriculture of the plant contributes to several K jobs and another huge revenue.

States has seen it legal in several states, but laws are strict (only medical marijuana). I think States is yet not at a stage of legalizing it and its because a voice in favor is considered stoned. Darker side, or a grey area is always scary. Its just like India is yet not ready for a spring break with wet T-shirt girls competition as the darker side effect in society/culture is scary, yet marijuana in India is legalized and govt. subsidized and today most of us not event realize it, as its just a part of our society now.

No, i am not stoned. I have never met someone who has tried and said they didn’t like it. I myself appreciate that numbness from the bottom of my heart, without being spiritual or a jerk. 

just my 2 cents without being judgmental….. btw bhang is marijuana.


Swats said...

bhang is marijuana????
This is news to me!!!

Legal or illegal, addicts and enthusiasts will always find their way thru..

So many things r illegal, so many things r not yet legalised, but v do indulge ourselves..

Harshita said...

well, wet t-shirt competitions in India... lol... :D .I dont think the moral police will ever give us a chance to see that day come in.

Yeah! Bhang is Marijuana!! Legal or not legal.. does anyone really bother abt law when it comes to addiction?? I donno... :(