Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Let it all out…

No I am not venting here… I am just too much in this track lately. Been a die hard fan of alternative metal… i cant deny my fall for Disturbed.

The voice of David Michael Draiman has this energy in itself that I just cant resist those tapping feet and flowing adrenalin in me. They lack that turbulent or caustic of Thrash and heavy metal yet they are heavy enough with a melody in that meaningful lyrics.

My all time favorite is 2000 album The Sickness… along with the famous track Numb. Well “numb” is one of those words whose depth just cannot be measured. A band I think is incomplete without that track defining Numb in their own version. The track m talking about here is Shout 2000.

The track has a depth radiating a lot of energy with some serious meaningful lyrics…. the lyrics that you just cant deny and they seem to fit so well for every coolie out there struggling to leave their memorable mark on the ground.

Here it goes :

In violent times...
You shouldn't have to sell your soul
In black and white...
They really really ought to know
(just don't know)
Those one-trick minds...
Who took you for a working whore
Kiss them goodbye...
You shouldn't have to jump for joy
(jump jump jump jump jump)

(shout shout)
Let it all out
These are the things I can do without
(come on)
I'm talking to you
(so come on)


Nidzzi said...

nice wordings

Bharat said...

hmm..i like the way he sings..the first song tht i heard by Disturbed was "Stupify" and suddenly i realized ok..adrenaline is flowing..:) of the few good rock bands of 2000..or may be the only one..Gud Post...m listening back to Disturbed..I’d really love to shout..!!!