Sunday, April 05, 2009

When grown up boys talk….

HighSchool, party was samosa, thumbs up/goldspot/limca. Intermediate, party was choley bhaturey, Burger/PavBhaji, coke/thumbs up/Leher Pepsi.

College, party was bagpiper, 8 pm, ganja,  kabab rolls, boiled eggs, vinegar dipped onions, paneer tikka (point to be notes here is ur class and the affordable money drops exponentially as you step in colg as liquor take over all preferences. soft drink n beer were not affordable n kabab most of the times was buffalo meat Rs1.5)

As Professionals, parties are expensive, a lil classy, well dressed including liquor, beer, chips, beverages, pizza.

Well watever it be the interesting point here is the type n topic of discussions that go on during ‘em. I am intrigued to write this ‘coz m still in yesternites hangover, cracking on RedBull n coffee… n shuffling through my drawers to find an antacid.

So girls are no more a topic of discussion. Love life, affairs, gossip, bragging  are so high school. So yesterday was a bachelors party. Which means stripers liquor, noise, and you have the right to get that reckless bastard out of you,  which hasn’t seen daylight in a while, keeping aside all ur guilt and let that guilty pleasure override as annotations.

Party begins at nite with a countless train of shots of tequila, vodka, rum... n before we decided to step out to a strip club the bachelor passed, and the roundtable begun. The discussion started comparing the traits of Mumbaites and Delhites, and dunno how it moved on to a comparison of Socialism, Capitalism, Aristocracy. Without a pause or a break in conversation, and without realizing that we drifted the next moment we were talking about cloning, with some questions on how right it is and how justified is it to kill a clone to use its body parts, and then the hot topic was abortion. Is it a right thing? If yeah which stage what month. Should contraceptives be used after unsafe sex specially when you are not married, and finally the last topic were 2 conclusive statements as “ The end of communication innovation is Telepathy and the end of physical existence is teleportation”

A bizarre and a very memorable bachelors party I think. Good Luck to the bachelor…

…they talk anything.


Harshita said...


Buffalo meat served as mutton kebabs...uhuh!!

Yeah! sometimes we talk anything and everything... ;)

Swats said...

Tastes, preferences and priorities really change as we grow up :)

Conversations beyond WOMEN are interesting :P

U deserved this night out..considering u were so loaded with studies and work

Bharat said...

Dude..u gave me a flashback of all the things..m nostalgic now...hehe...i it money or is it the kinda ppl u r surrounded m sure of one thing..U R THE SAME OLD BASTARD..:)

Aevi said...

Fuckr.. u still remember d "Same old bastard quote" lolzz