Friday, May 22, 2009

Vedanta or Thomist..?

Both have a significant impact on my perception. Belonging to a family of strong Hindu beliefs and studied in a Catholic Missionary.
(Well thats a different question of hypocrisy m glad that I studied in a missionary)

Vedanta states: The world is, was n will be always the same. There was no beginning to it and there is no end to it. change in centuries doesnt change the world, it is what it was and it will be what it is. We are from the world but the world is not from us. Its one lone entity, a necessary and self sufficient.

Thomism' belief: fiat lux. Worlds an accident. Its just like any other living n non living things. It has a begining and will have an end. Spirituality is simple in its essence. yet twofold, a essence with being, and that originating from accidents.

Be it what ever logical/illogical, rational/irrational, science/belief some questions are unanswered and thence every answer is as true as the other regardless of who states it.

I think Vedanta is as true as Thomist and Darwin wasnt wrong either. There must exist one self-sufficient, efficient cause, that has an answer to it. I doubt if either has an answer : Ram/Jesus/Muhammad.

A lil vent on a happy Fri

Started writing here with an intention to vent... with an intention to discover the creativity inside and with an intention to know the ability to play with a group of words, and several group of sentences. Never thought of how this blogger will change the perspective on how I think and how magically it will present new perspectives on all topics and help me in making a reasonable opinion. This place is where i dump all junk in my head.

...m tired of above line... "This is no food for thought" n now don't tell me that move on n find some better blog... similar posts have created such an inspirational mess of mesh that its never before the 11th strange blog that I find a good read.

how about a post that starts from the end... now since I have a conclusion that helps me in determining my title, n since i have a title I want to miss lead the reader in his ride towards the conclusion just to make it interesting. These are usually my fav reads... i love such read. But when the writer looses the track and fails to have that slightest mandatory connection between the head, the chest n the tail... its a shear waste of 600secs that leads me to an anger venting smoke break and another 600secs towards my death bed.

The more explicit and commonly used style that draws my attention is to-d-point from Title to tail. The expectation is well set at the title and I know what follows next. Naah that blissful feelin isnt that close ever... 'coz you are now slammed with an unreasonable quiver of hatred arrows... n that is another 600secs closer to death bed with a stinky stale smoke smelling breath n finger tips.

cannot deny that d best of most stories start with clear memoirs in middle and well ornamented at their start n end... but thats an art, one is born with and an attempt to achieve this leads to that comprehension that was scored 20/20 in English-I with an additional +5 for neatness n resulting in a log of wood completely wasted in the paper you used and finally adding carbon to the nature on a cold winter while roasting the sweet potato.

Anyways the good news is I graduated last weekend. Met some old friends. Its Friday. Its the payday. There is sun in Seattle. I had a great lunch. Tomorrow starts the long weekend. I am watching 'Tyson' tonight and 'Terminator' tomorrow. And my google reader has 5 starred great reads shared with me.