Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Rating: 0/5

I never thought that the disappointment is at the shore... one of the most awaited movie for me this year, turned out to be a disaster. Never been so disappointed.

"Terminator" it is supposed to be amazing... It has been one of those names that has survived all forms of media storage and served me from VHS to BlueRay. All I now want to do is wag my fist in the face of McG (Father of Charlie’s Angles) and give him a 3 punch combo.

The delivery of adrenalin mixed emotions as a result of statement "I am here to protect you" was missing from the T-Salvation... "If you hear this then you are the Resistance, This is John Connor" what bullshit? Naah I cannot agree Marcus's giving up “ITs” life was salvation. I think McG brutally slaughtered an emotionally attached franchise in the name of Salvation... which ain’t no justice to a fan like me.

I just didn’t had that virtual tear in my eyes that devoid me of sleep after watching the legendry T-Judgement Day when The Terminator is lowered in the molten vat. I rather had a smirk of relief when John Connor was stabbed. I wish it had happened to the director and story writer.

How can the producers and directors expect that WOW factor from the audience when your robots seem to be technologically handicapped as compared to 1984 terminator and there appearance is a copy from Transformers. When your plot has 1000 holes. What has happened to Skynet.. It was an organization where funding bills were passed. It drafted brilliant plots... produced best and most lethal robots and to give that similar touch all you could come up with was a totally predictable plot from skynet which had least to do with brilliance. If skynet knew Kyle Reese why didn’t they kill him at the first encounter rather hand picked him in skynet Hq.

I request McG to not to make Charlie's Angel-3 as there can never be another Cameroon Diaz, Drew Barrymore or Lucy Liu. May there be T5 to make this fan smile. A heart broken furiously disappointed fans' rage...!!!! <SCREECH>


Sneha said...

I am not much into Action movies.:)
But have read the reviews .:)

http://gshanky.wordpress.com said...

:( ek baar dekhne layak bhi nanhi hai kya/