Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tickles from Seattle - 8

Shipped a project 30mins back. Longboard Island Lager crowns are flying in the cubicles. A sigh of relief can be heard among all conversations... n no one has that game face full of frustration....

Dino-s : I had decided to wear my new NB shoes only after shipping this project n here I am. Look at the the color scheme looks so nice on me.

RA: huh yellow n yellow... u call it a color scheme?

Tiger: <pops open a new bottle with a belch> Dino-s, In these shoes u look like an astronaut from a fashion deprived nation. And your shoe model should be called banana astro. Pass me the chips.


Harshita said...


Tiger is an awesome guy and am sure that's you. ;)

Armen said...

Longboard is a good beer!

Sneha said...

Banana Astro appears to be quite an appealing brand.:D