Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday rambilng...!!!

I think as soon as someone utters the following...

shoal, swarm, bevy, flock, anthology

i know the context they are referring to. But still for some reason when in speech I always tend to state just the way Mrs Sinha taught me in Kindergarten.

This is never going to change for me and my sentences will always be like:
"a shoal of fish", "a swarm of bees", "a bevy of ladies", "an anthology of poems" , "a flock of birds"

I agree that there is an anthology of stories and also a bevy of alcoholics... but how often are these referred in speech.

To calculate the answer of 3 times 13 the only way is to mumble three thirteen za silently in your head.

Isn't it true for animal habitats too? I remember clearly that the farm house had a "horse stable", with a "rabbit burrow" right at the entrance.

May be its the use of metaphors in English that makes me explicitly state what I mean... or may be its just not my tongue.

Not every man follows what he preaches:
Proof: couldn't help using silently with mumble and tongue for language

Monday, July 06, 2009

Ride to the destination - 300 miles done

Finally I think I can write about this new passion as I touched my first 300miles on my bike yesterday. After experimenting for past 2 months, I think I can say that I enjoy it and will continue it (knock d wood).

It was later in the afternoon after brunching on a goat cheese chicken sandwich and an Americano I and MP decided on our weekly ride. Caught 545 to Redmond and got off at King County Library.
No the picture wasn't rough... the map all noted down in a notepad file and well uploaded to the cellphone. Air pressure checked, bike computer mounted. Bottle filled with Accelerade, and the ride begins now. By the end of the ride we were dehydrated by the brutal 84F but the pleasure of the thought of my first 300miles rejuvenated my spirits. So far my best rides have been Camano Island Loop, Chilly Hilly, Fallcity Carnation loop. These have been really challenging and scenic rides and needless to say that the following Sunday every time was beer drenched rewarding my own guts.

I started riding late April on a borrowed mountain bike and experimented my way on a borrowed road bike (2" larger in size), ended up with a back ache and finally I have my own a "2008 K2 mod 4 point O" Sram Rival parts with carbon fiber damping weighing just 18lbs and I am loving it.

During the weekdays I ride to work 2-3 times. Its a 11 mile one way ride. This ride needs its own description as it offers you the views of emerald Lake Washington, majestic mount Ranier, engineering marvel floating bridge, beautiful parks, mysterious wall paintings and a tunnel that reminds me of hope because of the light I can see at the far end of it.

In the month of Jun I logged Total Distance:240 miles Calories:7,844 (kcal). Weekend rides have been great for me.

Melancholy is incompatible with bicycling. ~James E. Starrs

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

PETA: "People Eating Tasty Animals"

...or "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals"

whatever Obama's killing a fly bothered PETA so much that the losers run loose out of their den and they decided on sending him a bug catcher to save the fly. Well what makes me furious is them dicking around on useless matter.

I am a animal lover n my love for them has once gone to a extent that my mom had to tell me either I can live in the house or the 5 dogs that I once had at home (needless to say I stayed and they had to be moved to the farm). But this doesn't mean that I refrain from eating them. My choices rage from all sorts of seafood to the bizarre and rare alligator, bison, frog legs, moose, deer.

Pike place market is one of the most exciting and dynamic tourist spot in Seattle. Piroshky, Starbucks, Kells, Michou are just some places but the famous tourist attraction is those missile like flying fish artfully torpedoed from one set of skillful fingers to another. "Hali-BUT! Hali-BUT! Heyyyeee... Goin' right home! Goin' right home!" several men screech at the highest note... and the receiver neatly catches the fish between head n tail and wraps it in a sheet. People simply loved the activity so much that there actually are experts for it which give demonstration at various public gatherings.

Last week PETA came up with the most dumb argument they could present "did anyone ever think of the fish...?" apparently some people think that tossing a corpse is just on ethical and disrespect to the dead. OK but then there are 100 other things that we shouldn't be doing which we do. When asked for further reason to stop it they come up with their scientific studies of the pain a fish under goes after fulling out of water n blaah... If got balls go to a communist meat lovers nation and try to sympathies till you become their food.

As an old Poslish saying goes : Fish, to taste right, must swim three times - in water, in butter and in wine, and I am buying my next batch from pike place