Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday rambilng...!!!

I think as soon as someone utters the following...

shoal, swarm, bevy, flock, anthology

i know the context they are referring to. But still for some reason when in speech I always tend to state just the way Mrs Sinha taught me in Kindergarten.

This is never going to change for me and my sentences will always be like:
"a shoal of fish", "a swarm of bees", "a bevy of ladies", "an anthology of poems" , "a flock of birds"

I agree that there is an anthology of stories and also a bevy of alcoholics... but how often are these referred in speech.

To calculate the answer of 3 times 13 the only way is to mumble three thirteen za silently in your head.

Isn't it true for animal habitats too? I remember clearly that the farm house had a "horse stable", with a "rabbit burrow" right at the entrance.

May be its the use of metaphors in English that makes me explicitly state what I mean... or may be its just not my tongue.

Not every man follows what he preaches:
Proof: couldn't help using silently with mumble and tongue for language


Harshita said...

:) hehe.. yeah! it is not always easy to follow that.

We all do the silent multiplication or probably find a quick relative to a word...

In other words, we were pretty attentive in skool ;)

Sneha said...

I think Over the years our brain has been programed to think in one language searching for similarities and trying to view things through the same lens even if the object were different.
BTW your new template has a very refreshing look.:)

Harshita said...

I love naya template... :) zyada cool hain par waisey hi simple...

Deepika Gupta said...

You still remember what you learnt in Kindergarten.... :O
I can't recall what i studied in last semester..lol

Nice new look!

Lesllie Tripaathhy said...
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Lesllie Tripaathhy said...

njoyed reading yor blog..

god bless

HaRy!! said...

quite right, now i know i shud never have bunked all those boring english classes :) cya around

H a R y

AMIT said...

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