Sunday, August 16, 2009

Hemp Fest 2009 - Seattle

Me being pro-marijuana had to go to the annual Hemp Fest at Seattle.
It is the largest annual rally/gettogether for the legalization of hemp/marijuana. Speakers from sectors of community present their views and advocate the idea to legalize this natural product. They invite anti marijuana figures to debate.

The place is worth visiting at its water front venue Myrtle Edwards Park on a beautiful 3rd weekend of Aug. There were vendors selling some really interesting hand blown glass pipes and bongs. The slogans and graffiti were witty and interesting and the bands playing at the fest were a treat to head bangers. As newspapers quote the year had a gathering of 100000+ people.

Sharing some of the pictures from the event with the biggest bong in the slide show made with gatorade bottles, Lusty Lady as usual had its own style of supporting the cause with their witty, hilarious, to the point statement, and the snack bar called the "Happy Hooker" and "lollypipe"


Sneha said...

Seems interesting.:)

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